Thursday, 27 March 2008

Which stencil??

Surprise, surprise, my plans for the bedroom have changed yet again. This seems to happen to me a lot! Originally I was going to paint a swirly vine-like mural on the back wall going up over the small window to give a little privacy (after covering the glass with plain window film). Then I got over that idea and was going to use a decorative window film - this one to be exact. But in an effort to cut costs - again - I've now decided to stencil the window. And I need your help: I've narrowed my pattern down to these two...

Mokko pattern, $53.90, Stencil Gallery

Mokko in action. PS: Love the Eames rocker.

Tunis pattern, $55, Stencil Gallery

Tunis pattern in action

Seeing as you were all so helpful last time with my chair (I went with the majority - am going to stain it dark), I thought I'd do the vote tool again, see top right. Which do you prefer? And has anyone ever stencilled a window? I'm hoping it'll give me some privacy from the neighbour's balcony but still let light in. I also figure it's just a razor-blade scrape away from being removed if it doesn't work!
Love to hear thoughts as usual...


Anonymous said...


Chance upon your blog. What a lovely blog....

Anyways, I vote for the Mokko pattern. The other one looks too busy.

Have fun!


belinda graham said...

Thanks Zoe! I think the Mokko wins too. Love your name... wish I could have as option for baby if I have a girl but I don't think I could do Zak and Zoe!!!!

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Mokko for sure :) and the name Zoe ROCKS... it's on my "to-do" list :P hahaha