Friday, 21 March 2008

So-easy eco-chic idea

Eco-chic notepad - the front

OK so the last issue of Domino got an absolute panning (I can kinda of see why...) but I did get one bright idea from it - from the ed's letter page. She wrote about some of the ways her office was getting eco-friendly, one of which was clipping a whole heap of discarded print-outs to a piece of paper-wrapped cardboard (to make it a little prettier). We print on both sides in our office, but some pieces do get through, so I snapped a whole bunch up, and started collaging a wooden clipboard with some of my fave pics from our mag to it.

Underneath the front

The back

Just need to go back to my school days now and cover it in contact. Actually, it was rather nostalgic, like I was back in high school, collaging my folders. Only this time the supermodels, Bros and New Kids on the Block have been replaced, happily, with pretty pictures of pretty things. It's also a good way to keep your fave clippings without holding onto the whole magazine.
Go on, do it yourself. Who needs lined and bound notepads anyway?


Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda, love your blog. I found the domino website and liked it cause it seemed similar to Real Living, but didn't think it would be available in Australia.. if you don't mind me asking, where do you find your copies of Domino?



belinda graham said...

Hi Jing - thanks for your feedback! I have a subscription to Domino (for memory I did it through their website; there should be an international option) but if you're in Sydney, I've seen it in the Food Base newsagent on the corner of Castlereagh, Park and Elizabeth Streets before, but not sure if they still stock it. Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Belinda! Shall keep an eye out for it. I am in Sydney, but forgot to mention it :-)

Hope you're having a great Easter weekend