Tuesday, 25 March 2008

a little eye candy

Moroccan bedhead with the swish of a paintbrush.

Hope you had a lovely Easter break. Every muscle in my body is aching after spending all four days painting ONE wall in my bedroom and turning a turquoise cradle white. Good fun. Good work-out, too!
Just had to share a secret source of inspiration: photo agencies. Most will require you to be a member of the media and register to view images, but others allow free public searches and therefore free inspiration (if you don't mind the watermarked images!). Inside Photo is one such agency and is full of great home features from the famous (Coco Chanel, Valentino, India Hicks) to the not so famous, great seaside homes, country spaces, sleek city pads as well as a heap of great ideas and pretty pictures, some of which I had to share below. Enjoy.

Cute use for a vintage doily table runner

Love this rustic shelf. We had one in our old house made of a railway sleeper

Not incredibly practical, but cute

Coco Chanel's apartment. Her "take on thing off before you leave the house" rule obviously didn't apply to her very opulent and heavily-decorated home!

Love these old bi-fold doors as a screen/room divider