Monday, 17 March 2008

I want to live here...

You might remember this picture from the November issue of real living? It's easily one of my fave pictures we've ever run and ever since I saw it, I've wondered what the rest of the house/room looked like. Pinning it up on my bedroom moodboard today made me determined to find out more. And I did! Such great investigative skills I have... Through the agency we bought it from, I discovered the photographer, Trine Thorsen found his/her website and more pictures. (Ok, so maybe not so tricky!) According to the photo agency we bought the picture from, the shots were taken in Oslo and I think you can tell - it's got that gorgeous Nordic feel about it. I think it's the perfect mix of cosiness, style, rustic, trend and whimsical. And if I could steal only one piece from this photo it'd definitely be the rug. I'll be forever grateful to anyone who can identify it!?! Ok so sequins on the floor might not be the most practical thing in a house full of children but I might be able to work it in somehow... Anyway, here are a few more shots of the room and a couple of others in the house.

Too pretty!

I often find the best spot for inspiring pictures are photographer's websites and wallpaper and fabric stores. I'll post a few more great interior photographer's in coming days, but in the meantime, check out the rest of Trine's eye-candy work here.
Nighty night!

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