Monday, 3 March 2008

look familiar?

Renae's version...

I was attempting (see below post) to upload some pics of a colleague's home today - Renae - to the website for the mini house tour when I noticed the shot of her living room - we have the exact same entertainment unit! And it's not even an entertainment unit - it's two coffee tables pushed together to make one long cabinet.

My version...

I remember her asking me about mine, but didn't realise she'd bought them until today! Great minds... FYI, they're the Maximi Coffee Table from Freedom and are normally $279 each (I got them on sale for $150 each). You can see more pics of Renae's lovely white home at Deb's blog until the site is fixed.
Am off to bed before my brain explodes - fingers crossed for me the site is working properly tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha thats brilliant :P