Monday, 10 March 2008

Bedroom makeover pt1

My bedroom inspiration: from Domino magazine

How attractive is this picture? I wish I could say it's my main bedroom, but that's to come... I couldn't start the post with such a hideous picture, so instead I thought I'd show you my inspiration for the room!

This, sadly, is one end of my bedroom! And it's the better end at the moment!!

This room (above), however, is my bedroom and believe it or not, this is a MAJOR improvement to what it was... The old wood panel and wallpaper we ripped off left major ancient strips of glue and were a bugger to remove. Then all the moving around of the doors and windows cracked a lot of the walls and left nice uneven sections on others! So this is the result of my Sunday: I spent most of yesterday sanding, filling, sanding, filling, painting a little then more sanding and filling and it's still not perfect. But getting there. I think if I'd got a painter to quote me he would have turned down the job!

So back to the pretty picture. I've loved it since I saw it a few years ago in Domino magazine and am using it as my inspiration and the starting point for the moodboard I'm going to create. Because this is going to be our combination nursery/master bedroom, I want it to be a nice serene place in muted greys, browns, whites, blushes, lilacs, silvers and maybe a hint of buttercup or blues. I'm actually pricing the exact same wallpaper that was used in this headboard for that wall but I have a feeling it'll cost me a bomb because the rolls are a little small and I'm trying to save $$$, so I think it'll be paint for now!

So the wall you can see with the little window above will be a darkish browny/purply grey like the pillows in the Domino picture and I'm going to (attempt) a freehand swirly vine pattern from one side in a metallic silver... I've always loved greys and purples together in a bedroom - I think it's the perfect male/female compromise and is easily built on to include pretty much any other colour. I also find it really serene and calming. I just hope the dark wall doesn't make the room feel too heavy, but I think there's enough light (what with the five windows and full French doors!) to balance it out. But has anyone used a dark greyish paint before in a bedroom? Any recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts as usual. This should be an interesting project - I wonder how similar or different the image in my head is to the final product!
Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is a big project. I can't wait to see the rest of your progress with the room. Love the idea of wallpaper, big fan of it as a feature wall. A light soft metalic print would be gorgeous. I'm sure you can find a cheaper alternative with your reasources! Good Luck and keep the house pictures coming.

Maureen said...

Yes re the dark gray. I had a friend who did it with a LOT of white gloss trim and white lace. Very elegant/sophisticated and as she was quite feminine it really worked - i.e men were comfortable in the room also. Nuff said.