Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sweet tweet

Hanging steel bird, $36, Nomades at

In case you've been living in a cave somewhere with no magazine and internet access, just thought I'd let you know bird motifs are huge. They're everywhere! I'm not sure why or what started this particular trend, but from fabric to wallpaper to stationery to shop emblems to store windows to blog logos and way beyond, little tweeties and their woody homes are adorning everything.

Anthropologie store window. Pic from A Design Affair

Look! A trend within a trend: wallpaper-covered birdhouses by Osborne & Little (and Anthropologie, above)
I thought this was one trend I'd managed to bypass, but a quick look around my home discovered in the past two years I've bought notepaper with bird motifs, an address book covered in sparrow silhouettes and have stuck little paper doves on my son's bedroom wall. I also own a bird necklace and have often carried a little wooden birdcage to the counter at my local store but put it back because I can think of many other ways to spend that $50.
But then last week our builder's wife found a real bird's nest knocked out of a tree across the street and being attacked by magpies (the same week I saw a spider wrap an ant up in its web and kill a fly - the Discovery Channel had come alive in our place!) Not sure what to do, she shooed the maggies away and rescued it - complete with one poor little cracked egg - to show Zak. In the day I left it on our porch that poor little egg was been smashed to oblivion by other birds, but I thought the nest was worth keeping so here is my take on the bird trend - and yes, I had to add a little bird to it of some kind, so I cut a bird shape out of pretty paper and stuck it on the wall!!

Tweet tweet!

Any ideas of what to do with the actual nest? I don't know if I should put anything in it or leave it bare. Nice spot for the Easter Bunny to leave a yummy chocolate egg though don't you think?!


Anonymous said...

Very shabby chic but very cute.

Jon said...

nests are so amazing aren't they? I'd leave it bare... love your blog by the way!

Kate said...

I think leave it in its natural state!

belinda graham said...

thanks guys. yeah I think I'll leave it. Would look a little too much I think if I started stuffing it with fake eggs or decorative birdies!! cheers!

adesignaffair said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your posts about decorating.