Monday, 17 March 2008

bedroom makeover pt2

Some of the inspiration for my bedroom. I want a little bit of every picture!

Devastation: the wallpaper I wanted for the bedroom (Mod Green Pod's Grand Jubilee in Cream) is not available here and they don't ship internationally. Boo hoo. But the good news is, they've asked me to send them some cool wallpapers stockists as they're looking to expand here in the future, so if you know of any, let me know...
So, my vision for the bedroom has already changed. A little. My second option - paint - has also varied. It seems there is no browny/purpley/grey out there that resembles the cushions I wanted to match it too. Well, I'm sure there is, but a couple of trips to paint shops and one very bad match attempt has already caused me to lose interest so I'm going with a lighter version of it. As luck would have it, I already have a tin! It's Porter's Paints Phantom and is a darker version of the colour in Zak's room. I bought it yonks ago for my husband partly as a joke cause he loves the word "phantom" so I thought it'd be a nice feature wall for "his" room (our converted garage/second living area/his computer space). But I'm stealing it now for the bedroom.

Completely obvious but still handy tip: never paint a wall without testing a sampler first! Paint is ALWAYS completely different to the paper sample and how it looks in the tin. And dries darker. Much darker!

The colour I bought as a sample turned out to be way too purple as you can see from this lovely patch of it at the bottom of the picture below. The Phantom colour are both the top centre and right splotches (the centre one was before I mixed it properly!) and the top left is Porters Paints Blue Cow and is obviously nothing like what I was thinking but I had a sample of it so gave it a go anyway.
So here is the start of my moodboard (very top) - basically just tear sheets of pretty pictures with colours, textures and items I love. I'll add to it as I find things.

Swirly inspiration

And this was the inspiration for my feature wall. It's from a clothing shop in Sydney I snapped (badly, sorry!) the other day. Could my grey get any different!! But I love the swirl pattern and will give it a go. If it turns out bad, I can just paint over it!


Kate said...

Did you know about the service...I think it is called tied up with string or something?? It is basically an Aussie in the USA who charges approx $10 but will be the go to point for your goods i.e you send your postage to her address then she fwds it to your address in Australia. If you are interested let me know and I will find her details again.

belinda graham said...

Oooh no I haven't heard about her but I think I love her already! Would love to know details if you have them. But it could also be incredibly dangerous!!! Thanks!

Belinda said...

Rather than painting an intricate pattern on the wall you can buy a wallpaper decal from Ebay, I found these at