Thursday, 20 March 2008

My thinking spot

My trip to work. Stolen from here (cause my pics turned out so dodgy)

No more nudity today, promise. Just wanted to share a little piece of my train trip with you. I am the first to complain about our public transport system, but I have to admit, I think I've got the nicest trip to work. It might be long (an hour and a half each way - on other continents I'd be crossing country's borders!), but check it out: the train line snakes right alongside the Hawkesbury River for about 15 minutes before disappearing in and out of bushland for another 20 or so minutes - and out of mobile phone range, which is heaven. It's the quietest part of my go-in-to-work days with with most passengers snoozing or gazing out the window. It's also where most of my story and creative ideas come to me. Must be all the beautiful scenery and my ability to switch off from the world while in my comfy seat. I call it my thinking spot - travelling thinking spot actually (unless it's one of those days where we're actually stopped unecessarily for a hour or so with no explanation). And I think everyone should have one place where they can think, write, draw, get creative or just chill. It's good for the soul. As a kid mine was in a tree in my backyard, then a rock near a river and now it's here, oddly, on a train. But with an inspiring view! Is that dorky or do you all have one too? Would love to hear where...

Thanks to a very bizarre NSW Government law, this little fisherman's hut may never be bought or sold. I'm not sure what this means for family's who run out of members to pass it down too, but I'd happily be adopted by them to keep it out of the government's hands! Pic also stolen (from here) as a houseboat rudely interrupted my already bad picture.

I especially love this little house. It's only accessible by boat and is not allowed to be sold - only inherited. Which is such a shame cause I just want to snap it up and rescue it and turn it into a holiday house. Not that it'd be far enough to class as a holiday home - I only live about 10km away! But I think it's such a classic Aussie home - I can just picture a little old man sitting on the verandah in a rocker complete with cork hat - and I am jealous of whoever is spending their Easter long weekend there.
Speaking of which, have a good one, drive safely and enjoy your chocolate - especially my fellow pregnant friends. Apparently a new study suggests women who eat chocolate while pregnant have happier babies. That's what I was told and I'm running with it - the proof is in Zak!

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