Wednesday, 19 March 2008

chalky self silhouette

Me, pregnant with Pud (baby's nickname), due in 11 more weeks

I got a little creative today. I say little cause it literally took minutes to do! I'd wanted to do a charcoal drawing like this when I was pregnant with Zak. Steve, being the arty one in our family and incredibly good with a pencil (his Harbour Bridge sketches made Art Express) was meant to do it, but before we knew it, Zak was here and we hadn't gone anything further than talk about it! So I was determined to do it this time around. But instead of using charcoal on a plain white canvas, I saved my $10 for the charcoal and canvas (hey, interest rates went up AGAIN you know!) and used what I had at home: leftover chalkboard paint, an ancient printed canvas of a red rose I never, ever hung up anywhere and the only piece of chalk I managed to save from the black hole in our ladder Zak was throwing them into.
Art was by no means my strongest subject at school (although if you compare my skill level to my maths skill level, I'd be, like, Picasso!), but I quite like the result: simple but rather effective. And it's a nice memory of a nice pregnancy without having to pose for photographs or apply plaster to my stomach. I may have been a tad generous on the perkiness of my bottom and bust (oh, and size) and it probably doesn't look anything like me, but really, isn't that what artistic licence is all about?! I'm going to put it in the nursery if I ever get it finished!
Have a good night


karey m. said...

a brilliant meaningful!

am passing it on to sk*rt!

Anonymous said...

Aww sweet :)

belinda graham said...

thanks guys! I actually debated all last night about whether to remove this post, thinking it might be considered a bit inappropriate, but um, no point now! Those Sk*rt viewers bumped up my hits dramatically!!!! So cheers! x

Jennifer Ramos said...

OOOh cute! I imagine it took you some time to do that. But its so SPECIAL!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

dani_luigi said...

LOVE IT!! Glad you didn't take it down.

karey m. said...

so so so glad you kept this post.

it made my day...why not call attention to it, right?!