Friday, 7 March 2008

decorating with plates

A modern way to display vintage items from the March 2008 issue of real living

Well it's certainly nothing new. In fact, we did it in the March issue of real living (above), although we tweaked the trend a little by using silver platters. But I came across this idea on the Matthew Mead Style website (check it out for simple projects, yummy food, and free downloads such as wrapping paper and gift tags) and had to share as I hadn't seen it done before: using a plate as your house number.

Cute! The rose template is available to download from Matthew's site here if you want to copy

And so simple too. Scour antique shops, try your local charity shop or raid Granny's cupboard if you don't have a suitable style and then pop on your house number any way you see fit: handpaint, stencil, decal...
But if you want to be even bolder, try this one on for size:

Bold & beautiful - the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

This is in the pool area of the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica designed by Kelly Wearstler, but would look equally as stunning on a dark feature wall inside your home. I'm in love.


Jennifer Ramos said...

i visited the viceroy and saw these ....that place is super stylish love it.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Anonymous said...

I love his website. I only just found it myself. A lot of his ideas are similiar to that of Martha Stewarts. I can spend hours digging through the resources on her website. I'd love a list of some of your favourite style resources/websites/magazines. It would be nice to see what inspires the stylists :)

belinda graham said...

Ahh I'm certainly no stylist (although I wish I was) but I'll do a post on it soon x