Friday, 29 August 2008

sneak peek: real living october issue

October 2008 issue of Real Living

It's out Monday and this month I'm happy to say no member of my family is photographed inside it (that I know of, anyway!). At first it was a novelty reading the mag from scratch without any knowledge about its contents, but that soon wore off and I've found myself logging into the system to check out the pictures and features. There are a some good ones, including an amazing kitchen in the shopping pages, a lucky reader's home makeover with a very dreamy buffet (below), the art of display and a peek into three friends' homes with a similar theme.

I'm a little bit in love with this Rodin Lattice Buffet, from $890, Touch Interiors. I wonder if I can sneak it into the kitchen budget...

You can check out some of these pics on our online sampler from Monday here. Enjoy!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

fine and dandididliandi (that's in Flanders' voice for non-Simpsons fans!)

"Dandigami" Lotus flower paper napkins. Download free instructions here

Even though I missed the Stitches and Craft show last week, I'm happy to say I didn't completely miss out on what I wanted to see: the Dandi stall. The lovely Caroline from Dandi contacted me to fill me in and show me what they got up to: demonstrating how to make this cute napkin origami - perfect for your next dinner party. The good news is, Dandi has a blog ( and has posted the instructions on it for anyone to download - for free!

So-pretty fabric mobiles to dress up your home. You can buy the kits to DIY

And even better news, is the gorgeous little project kits they were selling at the show will soon be available on their online store (but for now, if you want one, best to phone or email them). I really want the mobile (above) - it's very similar to what I was coveting in this DwellStudio picture (below) in one of my first posts on mini meez. Perfect for hanging over baby's cot or dressing up a corner of your living room.

One example of where to hang the mobile!

Also available for purchase is the treasure box (below). Aren't they great? Kits come with everything you need to make it - instructions, fabric etc, and cost $25 each.

The treasure boxes would make great bonbonnaire at weddings

Just another reason why I love this Aussie brand! And yet another thing from them to add to my great gifts list! Check out their blog for other great DIY ideas and pretty things.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

two bright ideas

ok these aren't "green" ideas, but after searching for a lightbulb picture for the whole bright ideas concept, I came across this, which is very cool! From TimeInc.

Two little tips I thought good enough to share!
1. I hate spending money on completely practical items. If they're pretty or you REALLY need, them, fine, but a salad spinner? No way (how did we manage before it?) A knife sharpener? Nope. Because my dad shared this tip with me aaages ago that my Oma used to do and because I only just remembered it and tried it last night, I thought I'd share. Cause it works! Turn a porcelain plate over and use the rim it sits on to sharpen your knives. I'm assuming you have a plate, so if so it'll cost you zero! And in case you're wondering what I did before to sharpen knives, I'm ashamed to admit I did nothing. They've been blunt for what seems forever - I just seriously worked my arms to cut through!

The Ikea Lycksele armchair bed, $289 each

2. I just posted a nursery tour at mini meez and loved this idea. Instead of buying one sofabed, go for two single ones: it means you still get the couch, but can accommodate two visitors if they're not a couple but can be pushed together as one bed if they are. Clever!

Monday, 25 August 2008

new signature prints collection

Birds of Paradise, $350 a roll

I get a weird proud feeling whenever I see a Florence Broadhurst wallpaper in a fabulous home - it's so nice to see Australian design coveted internationally. I'm also fascinated with her life and her horrible murder - sad but true. It must be my old "news nose" coming through - I can't escape being drawn to the dreary stories and needing to know more... Onto cheerier aspects of the talented Ms Broadhurst - Signature Prints has recently released eight new previously unreleased Broadhurst designs. According to their newsletter, this is "new" but I'm sure I've seen these around the web before. But just in case you haven't: the Glamour Collection is just that - a collection of glamourous patterns in shimmery metallics, classic colours and the trademark Florence flair. Here they are in shades of grey - my current fave colour. I also noticed Domino calls the browny greys "greige". Cute!

Romanesque, $350/10m roll

Brushed Trellis, $350/10m roll

Peacock Feathers, $380/10 roll

Paris, $350/10m roll

Cockatoos, $350/10m roll

Heraldic, $350/10m roll

Roman Soldiers, $380/10m roll

Something else to keep an eye out for: Florence Broadhurst handmade rugs by Cadrys will be released in November. Looking forward to seeing her patterns in another medium.

Friday, 22 August 2008

unbiased real living review

it's always interesting to find out what other's think of our mag.

I'm happy to see a fave blog of mine about the magazine industry - Girl with a Satchel - has started reviewing our mag (that'd be Real Living for anyone new). For two reasons: it's always good to hear feedback about the mag and also, Erica usually only reviews women's lifestyle mags (Madison, Vogue, InStyle, Cosmo, Shop etc), so it's nice to be amongst these titles instead of the usual food and lifestyle categories. Now for various reasons I don't do a full review of the mag - just give you a sneak peek at the cover. If you want to know what's in it, see some pages of the mag or just get other people's opinions, keep checking Girl With a Satchel - fingers crossed her guest reviews of Real Living remain a monthly event! And I know the October issue will be out in a week, but if you haven't got September already and want to know all about it, head here. And as usual, check out the mag sampler at our website for a taste of what's in the issue.
Have a great weekend!

new plan. for now. cause i'm aces at changing my mind

My latest plan - these cabinets with the birch benchtop. And the lights are the same ones I bought yesterday, so I'm not very original... I'm hoping it won't change again, but we'll see. At least Steve likes this one too, so that's one battle I don't have to have!

Ok so my Applad-being-cream fears seem to have been warranted. I received lots of good feedback on the comments and via emails so thank you! I told you my "borrowed" catalogue would come in handy: I discovered the Solar door fronts have come down in price this year*, so I did some sums today and if I did it correctly (maths was not my strongest subject), it looks like it won't be too much more expensive. It'll be $1200 more in the cabinets but we won't have to buy drawer dampers as you do with the Applad. I don't actually know what drawer dampers are, just that you have to buy them separately with that particular door. They're also a nice white finish, better quality and what I wanted originally but didn't think I could afford. AND we also won't need to buy handles as they're integrated, so really, it's only about $1000 more all up - I can justify anything. The only thing I had to sacrifice with this door front was the pull-out pantry - they don't have it in Solar. So I'm getting the normal five-shelf pantry with normal door and will buy the pull-out interior fittings separately as I need/want them.

So going full circle, I'm back to the original inspiration: it should hopefully look something like the image above in terms of cupboards and benchtops. I think this is the best Ikea kitchen I've seen, so I'm happy with that! What do we think?

*Also reduced in kitchens are: Stat, Abstrakt White and Lidingo.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

i have a dilemma

Do these cabinet doors look cream to you in this picture? No. But in person? A little. Grr. Ikea Faktum/Applad kitchen from Ikea website

Not a big one, granted, but a dilemma nonetheless. My visit to Ikea yesterday was to check out the kitchens yet again to confirm my plans. And to check out all the new stuff seeing as the new catalogue is out (and which I, um, forgot to return to them at the counter as you're meant to. Rather happy about that though - now I can peruse it as much as I want. It comes in very handy). I was pretty sure I was going with the Applad doors, but when I actually saw it yesterday I was a little concerned to see it looked cream. Now I happen to love cream - with ice cream and pancakes and yes, occasionally all by itself - just not on kitchen cabinets. So, now I'm all confused again: is it just that it was cream compared to the whiter options? I know there are a gazillion different whites, so maybe all by itself, it will be white. But one of the displays also looked a little cream and I really couldn't be sure if it was the lights or the colour it is. Sooo, if anyone out there has an Applad kitchen, please let me know - is it noticeably cream in your home? Or is it as white as it looks in the brochure? That's the annoying part: in the pictures, it's white as white; in the flesh, not so much. Which now has me looking at the other options: Abstrakt which is glossy white and therefore I don't think very complementary to the wooden benchtops; then the Solar which is a nice bright, flat white, but more expensive and not available in the pantry I want. And I don't want the patterned versions of white. I'm sure it'll be fine, but couldn't hurt to ask.

So, I of course couldn't leave emptyhanded as I mentioned yesterday. But the two things I actually really wanted to buy weren't in stock - Mjod glasses and the Sveje rug. They have it in orange and green, but they don't expect the black to be in for TWO MONTHS! Grr. Yes, I realise their website has a stock availability check thing, but, well, I forgot about that until now.

I bought two of these for the kitchen just in case they ran out when it came time to buy them... Basisk pendant light, $25

But still, I did manage to get my add-on clothes hanger and pull-out wire baskets for the wardrobe, some netted curtains for the French doors in our bedroom in an attempt to keep the bugs out this summer, my kitchen lights and a pretty little nightlight for Layla cause I'm sick of the bulbs blowing in the baby ones after two weeks, so might if I'm going to spend more money on an item, it might as well be attractive and something she can use for as long as it's cool!

I bought the small version of the Knubbig table lamp, $16.95, to use as a night light for Layla. I didn't, however, buy a bulb - bugga. A larger version is available for $29. I decided I had to have one after Danielle bought one a while back and brought to my attention its existence!

By the way, these glass lamps would make gorgeous gifts - I don't think many people would dislike the style and they certainly don't look Ikeaish (not that I think that's a bad thing, but for some, it is)! Same goes for the eternal fave of stylists around the world: the Ludde sheepskin rugs.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

love, love this picture

Soooo pretty. All photography by Hilary Walker

This picture inspired me to start a turquoise glass collection. Well, add to my teeny tiny one (I had a whole two to begin with). I haven't got too much further - turquoise glass in gorgeous shapes is hard to find I've discovered - but I did manage to pick up a pretty decanter a few weeks ago. I love everything about this pic - the sideboard, the ottoman, the art (by clever Queensland artist Narissa Butler) and of course the glass collection. In fact, this whole house (featured in Home Beautiful - shh, our competition!) earlier this year is rather lovely - makes me want to go all vintage again. Damn liking too many styles. Lucky I'm not rich - I'd be changing my entire house every month or so! A couple more pics from the series below, and another at Mini Meez along with some cool playrooms if you're interested.

These beautiful curtains were handmade by the owner out of vintage scarves. We did something similar in a feature in Real Living last year - gorgeous!

The owner's son's room. Turquoise obviously features throughout the home - I love how it's used in furniture too.

In other news, I went to Ikea today. Such a day out, isn't it? Spent close to four hours there (although in my defence, a large part of those four hours were spent feeding Layla. And myself!) It's no wonder Mr Ikea Man is the world's richest man: noone ever spends under $100 there. Everything is "just $6.95" or "What? $25 for a pendant ceiling light? I'll get two!" so you grab bits and pieces in the showroom, stock up on goodies in the marketplace, check out the bargain corner, and soon enough your bag is full, which means you have to buy an Ikea bag to courier your loot to the car. Then a few more dollars are spent in the Swedish supermarket cause you fell in love with the meatballs in the restaurant and you leave at least $100 poorer than you were when you arrived "just to have a look". Genius, really! So yes, I spent money there when I was meant to be looking at the kitchens. But it was all stuff I really, really needed, I swear!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

calendar event: stitches and craft show

Craft heaven! Pic from Stitches & Craft website

Oh how I wish I was going to this: the Stitches & Craft Show starts today at Rosehill Racecourse. But while I'm happy to drag a newborn to Ikea (as I will be doing tomorrow), I can't imagine doing it at an exhibition as big as this. Sounds brilliant though, if you're clever and creative or just like to look at pretty things and suck in the creativity of other people, head to the show - it's on from August 20-24. What is it, you ask? More than 100 craft retailers and suppliers showing off the latest and greatest crafty stuff from beading to paper art and all inbetween. There'll be workshops - Brother sewing machines will teach even the most hopeless sewer the basics on their super machines - seminars, fashion parades and demonstrations by industry experts.

Whisking has never been so glamorous! Dandi's Pini Apron, $29.95. Pic from Dandi website

I particularly would love to see the Dandi tutorials - I'm sure their "Dandicrafts" as they call it will be something spesh. I love this Aussie brand - they pretty up the most mundane of household chores with their gorgeous ironing board covers, tea towels and aprons. I often get my gifts from them as you rarely spend money on these products yourself - in fact, I'll be getting matching Pini Aprons for my friend and her daughter whose birthdays are both next month. Too cute. And I'll have to get Layla the mini version of mine too so we can look all pretty and matchy matchy while baking (in about 18 months, seeing as she's only a whole 10 weeks old and therefore won't fit the apron, let alone bake with me). Shame there are no macho manly ones for Zakky who loves to "help" me make cookies.

But back to the show, please let me know if you go and what I missed out on. If you want more details on times, prices, where to park etc, go here. I'll try and make next years. And just quietly, how the heck have I never seen this crafty online magazine: Living Creatively??? Brilliant!

Monday, 18 August 2008

not another kitchen post...

Warm wood and open shelves: perfect! Picture nicked from Holly's Haus Maus

A few more pics I'd found in my kitchen-inspiration travels and saved to my "kitchen" folder. In case you like to look at them too!

Open shelves are a bit of a theme! Picture from VT Wonen

Cute wallpapered splashback (behind clear glass!) If you could change it easily, great, but otherwise I think it'd date too quickly - '70s orange laminate benchtops anyone? Picture from Domino

Oh look! A tulip table under the window at the end of a galley kitchen! Aren't I original? Ha! I think is from Living Etc.

My plan is to have the open shelves asymmetrical on the wall like this one. Apologies, I'm not sure where this picture is from.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

kitchen moodboard additions/alternatives

A few more things to um and ahh over

Well Canberra was fun - it's rather heaven having someone look after you for a few days. Thanks Mum and Dad! I also got some useful info regarding wooden benchtops from Dad who installed one in our old place. Unfortunately they need a fair bit of work - like an oil every three to six months to keep them in tip-top shape. But my mind is made up (for now!) and I think if I put a year's worth of Benchtop Maintenance Days in my diary, phone reminders, noticeboard and on my calendar I might actually do it! And you guys all seem to like the woody version too - thanks for voting! So here are some extra decor bits I'm considering. It might be IKEA overload but they're just so good! And so well-priced...

Lights (left to right)
I definitely think it'll be the white Basisk one I posted below, but until I see them in the flesh, I've got some backups: Kroby, $29; Ikea PS $79; and Foto, $29 all Ikea

Curtains (left to right)
I'm planning to have a nice big window - Steve wants French-style Cascade windows (that push out) - so I want something sheerish to emphasise instead of hide it. We get the sea breeze from here so it's sooo nice in summer. I'm thinking the Shell Capiz curtain will win out, but I do love the patterns and prints on the other two - Tulip Mist and Paisley Au Lait, $US22.99 each from Etsy seller Saffron Marigold. I might still get one style for the two windows in the living room.

Rugs (left to right)
Well my dream rug is a no go. Dad reckons it'll be too heavy to bring back and that also rules out shipping, so I'll prob go for one of these bargains: Sveje Rug, $19.95 and Alvine Rug, $12.95, both Ikea. I wish the Sveje rug was grey instead of black but I guess you can't have everything. Although, it's sooo cheap I could buy one, see if bleach does anything decent to it and then just get another one if it ruins it! They're like disposables! I love the colours in the Alvine rug and think they'll work beautifully with the room and pop on the dark floor. Again, it'll come down to seeing it in person.

Chairs (left to right)
Ugh, I'm annoyed at Steve for not liking my first choice! I have no idea now what I want. Bugger. I already have this silver chair (Replica Emeco US Navy Aluminium Chair, $148, Matt Blatt) at my desk so obviously like it! But I quite like the shape of the other (Nordmyra, $55, Ikea. Again.) and the birch would match the benchtops...

Now, for anyone who has a wooden Ikea benchtop - are you able to stain it to a colour of your choice? I like the birch, but wouldn't also mind a darker shade. Ahh, decisions, decisions!

Monday, 11 August 2008

my kitchen moodboard

My kitchen will be galley style like this, only with a window at the end

I've finally shoved Photoshop onto my computer and so thought I'd give it a whirl by creating my kitchen moodboard. Or moodboards to be exact. There are two because I can't decide if I want to go the earthy route or the modern route. Although really, they're pretty much the same save for a few tiny changes. But I think overall, those two tiny changes on Photoshop will end up making a big difference once it's all actually done. And then because I'm a commitmentphobe, I have some extra alternatives! The base kitchen will be galley style like above with a large window at the end. The floors will be stained really dark as they are now (Feast Watson Black Japan which we'll have to redo once we've finished), the walls will be - shock! - white, the cbainets will be white Ikea Applad and Lack open shelves and the appliances will be stainless steel. On the open shelves will be pretty assortment of crockery in soft blues, whites and neutrals. Wow, it seems sooo original so far, doesn't it? As I've said before I'm not the most original in terms of decor and like way too many different styles, so here is what I've come up with so far. Let's start the taste testing...

Moodboard 1: white and silver

Moodboard one
This is the white room. With hints of silver: white cabinets, walls, white CaesarStone benchtops with white sink but stainless steel appliances, splashback, taps, lights and chair legs. I do love this look but also think it might be a little too modern and clinical for us. However, the picture on the moodboard is dreamy - I particularly love the marble shelf under the open cabinets (which are actual wall cabinets turned on their side with the doors removed). I was going to do this too, but figured the holes for the shelves would stand out, and plus, the IKEA cabinet frames are not as thick as these ones, so wouldn't look as good. Other details:

1. I like the slight industrial feel to this light. We'd get two hanging in the middle of the room and then undercabinet lighting for the benchtops. Gade pendant light, $12, Ikea

2. I'm not going to tile or apply a splashback to the entire benchtop. In fact, only the stovetop will have one. I thought it'd look odd having a square of stainless steel on a white wall, but I've seen it in many Google Images searches and it looks fine. I don't want to have a continuing splashback because the kitchen blends into the dining room and that end of the cabinetry will be open shelves and decorative pieces and a splashback might just sit weirdly with that.

3. Under the window I'll be popping a little table and chair for breakfasty nook. I really wanted a kitchen island but room is limited so I thought I'd put that space to good use. There is plenty of room between both sides of the cabinet rows so it'll sit nicely. I love these replica Eames chairs from Matt Blatt ($138) - more so with the wood legs - but I've since been told by Steve that he hates them, so unless I can convince him (designer doesn't do it for him - that's partly the reason he doesn's like it!) I have to go back to the drawing board! Any ideas?

4. I'm having three horizontal wall cabinets with glass doors above the kitchen cabinet. I thought instead of just frosted or clear glass I'd add a stamp of individuality with some window film. This is my favourite: Emma Jeff's Otto Window Adhesive about $110 a roll

5. This long Lack shelf will be in-between the wall cabinets and the benchtop (similar layout to the picture in the moodboard). I'm pretty sure our budget won't allow for marble!

6. A white porcelain sink to blend in with the white benchtops, all seamless-like. This one is from IKEA of course!

7. Sleek silver handles for the cabinet doors. I have these on my wardrobes and bathroom vanity so might as well stick with what I know and love. Lansa handles from Ikea

8. I fell in love with this rug after spotting it on Haus Maus. It's from a German company so chances are I'd never see it in my home except that my parents are going there in September to see my Oma and they just might be able to bring it home for me. Although this all depends on the size, weight and price, obviously. I can't read German (even though my own father is GERMAN. Naughty, naughty - he didn't teach us :( grr) so I'll have to get him to tell me all the details when I'm at their place tomorrow.

9. Love the lines of the table so I think this will be the one to go under the window. Steve didn't comment on this, so he either likes it or didn't notice it. Fingers crossed! Replica Tulip Table 60cm, $286

Moodboard 2: white, wood and silver

Moodboard two
The more I look at this one, the more I think this will be the winner. Not just because I think it's a bit warmer and therefore more "me", but because the wooden benchtop will be considerably less than the stone one!!! But we all know how much I like to change my mind, so watch this space!

1. Love this glass light. It's simple but beautiful. Basisk pendant light, $12, Ikea. And such a bargain!

2. Even though most of my furniture is dark wood and my floors almost black, I'm not adverse to mixing wood tones and think this colour would be a particularly lovely contrast. Just not sure what to do sink wise: stainless steel or white porcelain?

3. Same handles, although I'm thinking about looking for maybe some nice wood or leather for something different...

4. I think a stainless steel splashback will clash a little too much with the wood benches, so am thinking a clear glass like this one for here.

5. Lack shelf again in same spot. They'll also go above the end cabinets in the dining room. I'll post my 3D plan and floorplan soon.

6. Same rug cause it's sooo pretty.

7. Replica Eames chair with wood legs. I love these chairs. Am making it my mission to convince the husband! Chairs, $158, Matt Blatt

8. Window film again.

9. And the same table. So not too many changes.

I've also got some alternative rugs, splashbacks and additions like curtains and crockery but haven't got around to virtually sticking them together. Again, stay tuned! So what are your thoughts? Which do you prefer? Go on, have a vote (top right!)


PS: am off to Canberra to stay with my parents for the week. It snowed there yesterday so if I don't post for a while, it's because my fingers are frozen and I'm unable to type. Or I'm just too busy having a fun, relaxing mini break!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

my house: floor plans

BEFORE: just a little odd in places!

Ok, so unless you're like me and pictures of people's homes aren't enough - you need to know the whereabouts of each room in relation to each other via a floor plan - this probably won't interest you. But because I'm recording everything else to do with my renovation... here goes!
BEFORE (pic above)
When we bought the house the previous owners had divided the main bedroom into two. There was no light in the smaller one, just the world's largest wardrobe we had to smash up into little pieces to get out of the house. Our room had an L-shaped window on one side that let all the summer afternoon heat in, but no sea breeze. The bathroom was just ridiculously small with a huge shower taking up all the room and tiny vanity, there were two entry doors right next to each other and my absolute favourite feature was the fact the toilet was right off the lounge room and was an ACCESSWAY to the downstairs room (I lose that term "downstairs" loosely. It's a converted garage and has two whole steps). So, we lived this way for way too long and then made some changes...

NOW: getting there!

NOW (pic above)
Over the years we've added a huge L-shaped deck, moved the larger portion of the bedroom windows downstairs to replace the sliding glass door that didn't even close and moved the smaller window to the other wall to take advantage of the beautiful breeze that comes off the water (which is about 150m away). A tiny unopenable window in the tool shed out the back was popped onto the end wall and we put in French doors to open onto the deck. We also added two tall windows - one in the hallway, the other our bedroom - to break up the huge wall and let more light in. In the bathroom, we ripped out the linen cupboard and actually managed to fit a toilet, shower, bath and vanity in the space. We closed up the front door and use the glass doors as our entranceway, moved the original back door into the middle of the room to give more space to the kitchen and replaced a dodgy large window and ancient wall air conditioner with two new double-hungs. As much as I loved being able to watch television from the loo (!), we sealed up that door and opened up the other end of the wall to the other room. Originally we had like a semi-circle stage stairs taking up the whole "landing" area, but have since changed it to a teeny tiny mezzanine-style area so we can acutally utilise the space better. I do wish we'd just put in a false floor sometimes so no need for stairs, but don't think we'll change it again.

TO COME: what the future holds (hopefully)

THE FUTURE (pic above)
We're almost at the home stretch and I'm so excited! In the next few weeks we'll be ripping out the room my "office" is up against and opening up the whole space. On the wall where the original front door is, we'll be putting a few recessed shelves in-between the studs. And the kitchen will soon be a galley style up either side of the room with cabinets continuing into the dining area with open shelves above for a more decorative end to the kitchen that won't look odd in the dining area too. We'll probably turn the extra toilet into an indoor laundry so we can convert the cabin into a self-contained abode and rent out. And finally, we'll get rid of the really old front door and annoying awning windows which we've both smashed our heads on way too many times and replace the whole space with glorious bi-folds to "blend the indoors with the outdoors" - a line I've written way too many times in real living features! Oh, and we'll extend the stairs to take up the whole covered area and not make the new indoor/outdoor space feel restricted with a deck railing.

So that's it. Am in the exciting planning stage of the kitchen and am tied between two styles - pretty similar, just a few differences. I think ultimately it'll come down to price, but I'll post my moodboards in coming days and see what you guys think too.
Have a great weekend x

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

attention: retailers and clever people...

I'm a little bit in love with butterflies. This would be PERFECT in a little girl's room. Mixko Delight Wool Felt Butterfly Lampshade, RRP$120

If you've designed a cool range of homewares, babywear or jewellery and are wanting to sell or are looking for a cool range of homewares, babywear or jewellery to buy to stock in your store, head over to Erayo. This online marketplace is like a dating service for independent small retailers and designers, helping them to meet virtually and find a perfect business match. Or, in their own words: "Our team of buyers, merchants and talent scouts travel the world, attending the largest and most relevant trade shows in search of the best established and emerging design talent. We then invite those designers whose products exhibit the right combination of quality, uniqueness and marketability to join Erayo to sell their products to independent retailers who negotiate directly with the designers. Once a price and volume is agreed on, Erayo does the rest. We ensure that the order arrives at your storefront safe and sound."
But don't feel you need to be "discovered" to have a chance to crack an international market - Erayo invites designers to apply here if you think you have what it takes. To give you an idea of what they're looking for, here are a few fave finds I discovered while browsing the site...

A super-stylin' ceramic earthenware bowl that doesn't need anything in it to be a statement. Caterina Fadda Stuido Kiko large fruit/salad bowl, RRP$59.96

Wall decals aren't new, but they don't all look this good! Luka Abstract Decal, RRP$64

I love a good wallpaper and this one is bright, graphic and cool. Dominic Crinson Succo 4 Wallpaper roll, RRP $160.69

Style editor Shelly Grossman also has a great blog which highlights various designers Erayo promotes as well as gives some style tips for around the home.

Monday, 4 August 2008

eye candy: random collection of pics to cheer up your monday

I want, I need, I have to have this butterfly artwork: I wonder if I could re-create it myself? I think this pic was from Living Etc

Just some pretty pics today - I'm off to Sydney with the bubs for a baby get-together. I've been very busy putting together a bit of a moodboard for our new kitchen so have found some beautiful pics in my web travels. Enjoy!

What a gorgeous cosy alcove. Love this colour scheme - so serene. From VT Wonen

Love this mix and match of chairs and blackboard mood/noticeboard. From VT Wonen

Yet another cool chalkboard paint idea: get a piece of MDF cut into a shape and paint and hang! i wonder if the lace on the wall is wallpaper you can buy or is blown up from a picture? Such a statement wall - love it! From VT Wonen

Yet another from VT Wonen - they have such a way with colours...

Not sure where this is from but I love the mirrored wall between the windows and especially the carved wooden African stools - does anyone know if these are available in Australia? I've wanted one forever...

A little inspiration for my dining area... from Tine K Home

So sweet! From Taverne Agency

Cool shelves. From Taverne Agency

Have a great day and I'll try to be a better blogger this week!
PS: Self-promo here, but my colleague Natalie posted a little mini interview with me on her blog Daily Imprint last week. Well it was probably meant to be mini, but my answers are as usual long and waffley! You can read it here. But you should check her site out regularly anyway cause she has some great stuff!