Monday, 31 March 2008


Gee, can you tell where I stopped painting the wall? A rather obvious line. And lovely split in the wall I still need to patch under the window. Will the Spakfilling ever end? Am not looking forward to doing the ancient window either...

Our bedroom/nursery is slooooowly coming along. The feature wall is painted and we're gradually getting around the whole room!! It's a little more purple than I would have liked, but I quite like so it's staying for now. Besides, I couldn't possibly do it again right now. I wish I could show you the finished product, but looks like that's still a little way off.
In-between drying times of the walls, I've stained the wood on my chair (and have to do it again, cause not dark enough. Bugga!) decided on my window stencil (Mokko - you obviously all agree), am making some new black and white wall art to stimulate bub and figured out what to do with the wooden chest of drawers that will double as the changetable. I'm going to cover the drawers and sides using wallpaper samples (similar to the wallpapered doors I posted a pic of recently) so fingers crossed I can pull that one off.

Cradle (and part of wall) before

And after

I also repainted the cradle - my aunty had painted it turquoise for my cousin's baby, but since I've been allowed to keep it, I gave it a dose of white to make it fit in a little better.
Until tomorrow..


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Sweet :) You must have really sweated it out over the weekend. Awesome job.

Peachy Keen said...

Wow what a difference! Love to see it coming together...white cradle looks fab too!