Thursday, 6 March 2008

What would you do with this chair?

Great bones, decent fabric, lovely legs - a bargain for $40

This is my latest buy - just $40 from Vinnies! Usually I see something and then wait a day or so cause "if it's still there, I'm meant to have it." But this time, I just grabbed it. Good thing too, because it had been in the store for a whole 20 minutes, didn't even have a price tag on it, and while it was being stored before I picked it up, a fair few women were peeved I beat them to it! Since handing over my cash, most of my free time since has been trying to decide what to do with it. So I thought I'd make it a little community project (plus, I want to use the "vote" tool just for fun - cast your vote to the right.)

Ready for my close-up

I quite like the fabric - for now - but am debating either to Black Japan the wood (a really dark brown stain) areas or make them distressed white. I'm thinking the fabric I eventually cover it in should be light as so much of my furniture is not, so a duck-egg blue would be brilliant in the living room, but then a creamy colour would be perfect for the bedroom which, when it is actually finished, will be creamy blushes, greys, whites and silvers. IF I get my way of course...

Easy-peasy earring storage
For the moment, it's quite nice paired with my nana's old mannequin and earring display, which by the way, is super-easy to make. Just tie some cotton around the ends of pinboard pins, jab into the wall and hang your earrings from. The holes are easily filled if you want to move it, but in my case, the walls still need to be painted, so no problem!

So, any fabric suggestions? I had a super-quick look online this morning and found these from Warwick Fabrics.

Warwick Fabrics Cayman in Cocount

Warwick Fabrics Sketch in Ice

Warwick Fabrics Spin in Pearl

Warwick Fabrics Splendor in Pearl

What you think? Any other ideas? All welcome.


Nicky said...

I have about 200 pairs of earings! If I put that many holes in the wall it would fall down haha!
Any ideas for me? Oh and any for my necklaces (about the same of them, but some are very heavy! and I like being able to see them all!)

belinda graham said...

Ahhh, yes well a little piece of cotton wouldn't really hold 200 pairs of earrings!! But fishing wire would - you could hang a few strands on the inside of your wardrobe or in front of a window to let them sparkle. I also hang some around the rim of a glass. Another idea for earrings is using wadding, covering in fabric and framing it then sticking in your studs; and another frame with chicken wire or flyscreen tacked to the other side of it for the danglies. Colourful necklaces look awesome stashed in clear vases or fishbowls - they just might tangle though, so maybe stick to the ones you don't wear very often... hope that helps!?

Kate said...

I loveeee the chair - just stunning.
I prefer fabric 1 or 2.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics and the chair is great. Check out my blog to see MY chair dilema.

I think the black japan stain and the duck-egg-blue. You have to recover, your house is too contempary for the old world look. The 'bones' make enough of a statement.

let me know how it goes... and tell me what to do with mine :P

Natalie Walton said...

I wouldn't be able to help myself. I think I'd go for a bold stripe. Maybe even black and white. Or you could go duck egg blue and white with black japan arms. I think you can be braver with chairs as you only see a small amount of fabric. Also, you must check out some of Amy Butler's ranges. I'm in love with them. Her book is such an inspiration.

belinda graham said...

Ohh I LOVE Amy's fabrics. I spend hours just looking at her site's inspirational pics... I don't think I could choose one though!! Thanks guys for your help - I think I'll def stain the wood, am still on the hunt for the perfect fabric!

Courtney said...

I love the chair and I love the "sketch in ice fabric". (Although I have to admit I have a thing for almost all chairs!) I just discovered your blog from Annechovie's site (she paints chairs ;-) ) and got lost for a ridiculous amount of time reading your posts. I love it! I'm adding you to my blogroll and will be back often!