Sunday, 19 October 2008

wish it was my idea... little brown pen's printable stationery

The simple and stylish 2009 calendar ($US5!) everyone I know will probably get this year! From Little Brown Pen

Have decided Etsy is probably going to be THE place for Christmas presents for me this year - to give and receive! I was looking for a nice calendar (it's hard to fine good ones in shops) and this was the first one that popped up - sold! Not just because it's simply stylish, but because for $5 I can print it out myself over and over and over again and give to everyone!

Sweet tweeties stationery set, $US4

The seller is Little Brown Pen and they sell printable stationery which is such a genius idea - you hand over a few dollars and they email you a PDF with card templates, all-in-one-notepaper-and-envelope, calendar or colouring-in cards. You can then do whatever you like - print out the templates and use as the stationery, cut up and frame, use in craft or other artsy projects whenever you like, as many times as you like. The prices are minimal because you do the printing yourself and there's no shipping so it's the closest you can get to instant shopping gratification online!

Printable colouring cards, $US3

I of course couldn't just stop at the calendar and also grabbed this cute little blue-bird stationery set (am going to use the gift tags for Chrissy presents) and the colouring in card set for Zak's birthday: can use them for invites, games, gift bags etc... They also have a few Christmassy styles which you must check out!

Holiday birds stationery set - get all your Chrissy cards and tags sorted for a whole $US4 (plus the paper to print it on obviously!)

What's more is, if I ever need a birthday card, thank you card, how-you-going-card or gift tag, they'll be on my computer ready for me to print send. Am so impressed with this idea!


vicki said...

Those little birds are absolutely adorable. What a fun idea. Gotta love Etsy!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Will hunt them up for myself, too.

nichole said...

Oh wow! What a lovely surprise.

Thanks so much for the wonderful write-up of our shop. I hope you enjoy them!

Our son adores the coloring cards. They were designed to keep him occupied at restaurants. :)