Friday, 17 October 2008

theatrical wallpaper

Nope, it's not a professionally styled pic from the website, it's the Circus Silhouette in a real room! Check out more here

In case you hadn't heard, set and costume designer Catherine Martin (the woman behind the glamour of Moulin Rouge!) has partnered with Porter's Paints to release a range of bold and beautiful wallpapers. Stripes, flowers, birds and my fave - little circus silhouettes - could be adorning your walls sometime soon. It's sometimes hard to imagine a style in a room setting as usually the examples are shot up close with minimal styling to let the wallpaper shine. But I just posted a beautiful nursery tour at Mini Meez which shows the red circus silhouettes in a real room (part of which is pictured, above) and I must say I'm impressed! Here is a looky at some of the other prints in her collection. What do you think?

The blue version. The stripes are also part of the collection

Catherine Martin Eucalyptus in blue

Catherine Martin Lace Medallion in Aniseed

Catherine Martin Lyrebird in Grey Green


paula said...

i love all the wallpaper, but the circus one is my fav. the nursery is darling too!

belinda graham said...

hi paula - welcome! she did a great job, didn't she?

High Desert Diva said...

Wow! Fantastic paper collection. Love the circus print.