Monday, 20 October 2008

and another top idea: fog and thistle's papercut templates

Made him myself. Well, not this one, but I hope mine will look this good! DIY Papercut bunny, $US2

I really need to stop with all the Etsyness or I'll go broke. Slowly though - like a few dollars at a time - as everything is priced so well, but still broke!
You've probably seen the beautiful papercut artworks by Fog and Thistle's Rachel Weber (ooh, Weber was my maiden name!) around the blogs, but did you know she's generously offering mini papercut templates for sale on her blog so you can DIY? After considering whether to buy for a whole 100th of a second, I pressed buy now for this little cutie (above) who promptly arrived in my inbox seemingly moments later. It might stay there for a little while as I'm hideously busy attempting too many other things, but I hope to get him all cut out and sitting prettily on a wall or shelf somewhere soon - stay tuned!

Not a DIY one, but one of Rachel's beautiful works, US110

I love the fact Rachel has combined her passion for papercutting with other people's passion for DIY - it's a lovely way to share what you do and is a brilliant combination. Plus, for $2, even if you're completely useless at the cutting out part, you could always print it out again and colour it in instead to create a cute little artwork, couldn't you?

Another cute DIY kit, $US2

Thanks Rachel for allowing a little of your cleverness to rub off on us less creative folk! Check out the template range plus more intricate papercut art for sale by Rachel at her Etsy shop, more printable stationery by her at her other store, Along the Dotted Line and her blog.