Friday, 10 October 2008

look what i accidentally bought yesterday

On its way to me right now... Blue Proteas cushion cover, $US17, Jezze

Ok, not accidentally, I did know I was clicking the "buy now" button. But I didn't check out Etsy to purchase a cushion. I was looking for cool Chrissy decorations and cards (for work) and somehow happened upon this cushion. I pretty much bought it on the colour alone, but I love, love, love the print. I was planning to give it to one of my sisters for Christmas, but I just might need to keep it for myself...
The seller is Jesse Breytenbach and she's a clever creative all-rounder: illustrator, comic artist, knitter, crocheter, blogger and is a wizz at whipping up cool designs on lino, cutting them out and printing them on fabric, paper - whatever! She's even blogged about how she does it here which takes me right back to art class in high school and the time we had to create our own lino tiles. It was my fave part of art and I think I might need to give it a go again one day now I've had this refresher course! If I find time, of course*!

*Completely unrelated topic but my son, Zak, has recently started to say "of course". Once we recover from fits of giggles every time he says it in answer to a question, we wondered where he'd picked this up. It only dawned on me today that I say it. A lot! I also write it a lot! Really makes you suddenly aware of all your quirks when someone starts parroting you! And it's a really good thing he can't vocalise explanation points cause he'd certainly be doing that a lot too!! Hee hee.

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