Wednesday, 8 October 2008

DIY destination posters

Customisable destination bus scroll stencil, $240, Stencil Gallery

You just know something is a trend when a cheaper version of it pops up somewhere. In design we have replica furniture, in fashion there are designer rip-offs in chainstores within seemingly minutes of it walking down the runway. In the art world, if there isn't a print of it, there's probably a wall decal or stencil version! I found this destination bus scroll while doing some freelance work. It's a stencil, but it's a pretty good one I think. Just spray the back lightly with a temporary spray glue, press onto the wall and spray with an aerosol paint for the easiest version (maybe cover the vicinity in newspaper to avoid accidental graffiti). Good old Stencil Gallery does it again! What's even better about this one is - and that you just can't get from real vintage ones - is that you can customise it: you get to choose the 13 lines of destinations you want. So whether it's your surrounding suburbs, places you desperately want to see or a memorable world-wide trip, you're the bus driver! The stencil measures 150cm high x 75cm wide and is $240. Grab it here.

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