Wednesday, 15 October 2008

loving... anna whitford cushions

Such prettiness! It's hard to pick a fave...

Blast the Aussie dollar and the whole-world financial collapse, it makes international purchases a bit more of a bugger with us having to mortgage our homes to be able to buy pretty things... But if your wallet is healthier than mine or you live in the UK where the pound is not such a shock, you must check out these beautiful cushions by Anna Whitford.

...but I think this one wins! White side daisy, 54 pounds

A beautiful pressie from bridesmaids to the bride: gerbera ring cushion, FREE! No, not really, but there is no price on the site!

Classic black and white: white waterlilly on black, 66 pounds. All pretty pics from Anna Whitford

Sooo pretty! I especially love her wedding ring cushions. If my youngest sister ever gets married (they're taking it slow - only been together for TWELVE years) then I'll be getting her the gerbera one - after the rings are handed over so stylishy, it'll be a lovely addition to their home and constant reminder of their big day. Sweet!


Viv said...

Ohh, very tempting!! Great find.

Sarah Rogers said...

Not quite in the same league, but the John Lewis collection of cushions is pretty gorgeous! They don't deliver to outside UK but if you order through the Oxford St export dept they can deliver.

Love this -


belinda graham said...

thanks sarah - it's a cute collection!