Friday, 10 October 2008

have a relaxing weekend

This random collection of fabrics (and some are rather hideous!) works beautifully as a patchwork. And is somehow glamourous in this setting. Love it. Picture from Getty Images

Am leaving you with my fave pic of the week. I love it all and it makes me wish I still had the clawfoot bath we left at our old place. If we still lived there or ever moved back (but we won't, cause it's on the market at the moment!) I'd do just this: hang a beautiful patchwork curtain from the ceiling instead of a shower-curtain rail for full dramatic effect, with a cheapie plastic one on the inside of it for practical reasons. And how cute is the flower heart on the wall? Sweet! It's inspired me: am off to sink in my not-so-glam-but-still-relaxing bath right now! x

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