Friday, 24 October 2008

a pretty pic for friday

I want the chair! Pic from Holly's Flickr

I've been following Holly from Decor8's adventures in Germany from the start on her other blog Haus Maus and love all she's achieved there. But I'm now dying to peek inside her New Hampshire, US, home after seeing this snapshot of her living room. Lovely, isn't it? I'll just let you admire the prettiness and hopefully I'll be back blogging properly next week. I have a fun-filled weekend ahead: am putting up my Christmas tree - yes, two months early - but it's all work-related, not because I'm a Christmas nut. Am photographing it for the Christmas special on the Real Living website from next month. Enjoy your own weekend! x


All Things Lovely said...

I just found your blog, it's beautiful! I too would love to see more of Holly's home, she's a clever cookie when it comes to decorating.

belinda graham said...

thank you! and welcome! how funny, i think i wrote about your shop on the real living site one time?!?!