Friday, 1 August 2008

sneak peek: sept issue

September's summery cover: bring on the warmer weather!

Not sure where the year has gone, but I'm very excited about the fact this is the September issue of Real Living out on Monday, which means it's August and that means one more month of hideous winter. Yay! This is our birthday issue (we're three now!) and it's pretty in pink and packed with all sorts of beautifully inspiring images. I snuck a peek at my mother-in-law's subscription copy yesterday and can't wait to actually read through it. So what's in the issue? Gorgeous party rooms, cool photographic homewares from your pics, globally-inspired rooms and my favourite: the one room, one box of furniture and three amazing ways to make good use of them. It's quite amazing how long this story has been in the works. I scheduled it years ago during a planning session and it's only just appearing the mag now - that's how far ahead we work (in terms of planning the issue anyway. The actual feature was probably only shot a few months ago). But I love seeing the end result of something you had in your head eons ago. Also, making her Real Living debut is my daughter Layla on a "meet the team" page. She was not quite three weeks old at the shoot and was a very good girl. And just so you know: I don't really have an extra arm and I DO know how to spell - was a photoshop touch-up gone wrong (partly my fault - I should have held the sign properly. You'll know what I mean when you see it!) Oops! Enjoy the issue and as usual, feel free to tell us what you think about it! Added incentive to buy it this month: there's $20,000 in prizes to give away!
Have a great weekend x


Georgie said...

I got my copy on Wednesday - it's a great issue. I've already got plans to get some photos printed in funky new ways. Well done again on a brilliant magazine!

k-a-t-e said...

I just went back to have a look at the photoshop mix-up... unfortunate but very funny!! Layla looks so weeny! Love the new masthead!

Chantal Butcher said...

Hi Belinda, picked up my copy of RL today, and had to laugh out lound. Check this out

And it wasn't the first time that a few days your mag is about to hit the shelves, i seem to write about something in them. Great minds i guess!