Tuesday, 19 August 2008

calendar event: stitches and craft show

Craft heaven! Pic from Stitches & Craft website

Oh how I wish I was going to this: the Stitches & Craft Show starts today at Rosehill Racecourse. But while I'm happy to drag a newborn to Ikea (as I will be doing tomorrow), I can't imagine doing it at an exhibition as big as this. Sounds brilliant though, if you're clever and creative or just like to look at pretty things and suck in the creativity of other people, head to the show - it's on from August 20-24. What is it, you ask? More than 100 craft retailers and suppliers showing off the latest and greatest crafty stuff from beading to paper art and all inbetween. There'll be workshops - Brother sewing machines will teach even the most hopeless sewer the basics on their super machines - seminars, fashion parades and demonstrations by industry experts.

Whisking has never been so glamorous! Dandi's Pini Apron, $29.95. Pic from Dandi website

I particularly would love to see the Dandi tutorials - I'm sure their "Dandicrafts" as they call it will be something spesh. I love this Aussie brand - they pretty up the most mundane of household chores with their gorgeous ironing board covers, tea towels and aprons. I often get my gifts from them as you rarely spend money on these products yourself - in fact, I'll be getting matching Pini Aprons for my friend and her daughter whose birthdays are both next month. Too cute. And I'll have to get Layla the mini version of mine too so we can look all pretty and matchy matchy while baking (in about 18 months, seeing as she's only a whole 10 weeks old and therefore won't fit the apron, let alone bake with me). Shame there are no macho manly ones for Zakky who loves to "help" me make cookies.

But back to the show, please let me know if you go and what I missed out on. If you want more details on times, prices, where to park etc, go here. I'll try and make next years. And just quietly, how the heck have I never seen this crafty online magazine: Living Creatively??? Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't even know this was on, I might go and check it out.

Belinda said...

I had a table next to the sweet girls from Dandi today and mentioned that you had blogged about them. They were so excited to hear about it. I'm going to printout your post and take it in for them tomorrow.

belinda graham said...

that's good to hear! what are their tutorials out of curiosity? and what are you showcasing?

Belinda said...

Belinda, their been demonstrating how to fold these lotus flowers that they've got display all over their stand. They make them out of their paper napkins. I'll try and get some photos of their table tomorrow before the show opens. It looks lovely. I've got a table next door selling my handcrafted bits and bobs. I've got some pics on my blog