Friday, 22 August 2008

unbiased real living review

it's always interesting to find out what other's think of our mag.

I'm happy to see a fave blog of mine about the magazine industry - Girl with a Satchel - has started reviewing our mag (that'd be Real Living for anyone new). For two reasons: it's always good to hear feedback about the mag and also, Erica usually only reviews women's lifestyle mags (Madison, Vogue, InStyle, Cosmo, Shop etc), so it's nice to be amongst these titles instead of the usual food and lifestyle categories. Now for various reasons I don't do a full review of the mag - just give you a sneak peek at the cover. If you want to know what's in it, see some pages of the mag or just get other people's opinions, keep checking Girl With a Satchel - fingers crossed her guest reviews of Real Living remain a monthly event! And I know the October issue will be out in a week, but if you haven't got September already and want to know all about it, head here. And as usual, check out the mag sampler at our website for a taste of what's in the issue.
Have a great weekend!

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