Friday, 22 August 2008

new plan. for now. cause i'm aces at changing my mind

My latest plan - these cabinets with the birch benchtop. And the lights are the same ones I bought yesterday, so I'm not very original... I'm hoping it won't change again, but we'll see. At least Steve likes this one too, so that's one battle I don't have to have!

Ok so my Applad-being-cream fears seem to have been warranted. I received lots of good feedback on the comments and via emails so thank you! I told you my "borrowed" catalogue would come in handy: I discovered the Solar door fronts have come down in price this year*, so I did some sums today and if I did it correctly (maths was not my strongest subject), it looks like it won't be too much more expensive. It'll be $1200 more in the cabinets but we won't have to buy drawer dampers as you do with the Applad. I don't actually know what drawer dampers are, just that you have to buy them separately with that particular door. They're also a nice white finish, better quality and what I wanted originally but didn't think I could afford. AND we also won't need to buy handles as they're integrated, so really, it's only about $1000 more all up - I can justify anything. The only thing I had to sacrifice with this door front was the pull-out pantry - they don't have it in Solar. So I'm getting the normal five-shelf pantry with normal door and will buy the pull-out interior fittings separately as I need/want them.

So going full circle, I'm back to the original inspiration: it should hopefully look something like the image above in terms of cupboards and benchtops. I think this is the best Ikea kitchen I've seen, so I'm happy with that! What do we think?

*Also reduced in kitchens are: Stat, Abstrakt White and Lidingo.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know what those stools are called?
We have a breakfast bar in our new home, but haven't seen any stools we like... until now!

Why can't Canberra have an IKEA?!

belinda graham said...

Sure do - they're the Sune Bar Stool and they're a whole $25 each. I wanted them for my island bench but seeing as we won't have one now, I don't think I'll be getting them! x

Peachy Keen said...

So glad you can get what you want! V. exciting! And personally, I don't think its a bad thing you can't get the pull out pantry. My in laws had one and it was a complete PIA! Everytime you needed to get anything from the pantry, even just comething small, you had to slide out the ENTIRE contents of your pantry by one handle, just to get a teabag or whatever!

Shelves are a good option! Keep in mind, you can always get a cabinet maker to make up U shaped shelves to fit your Ikea pantry. We originally had a 40cm wide pantry with pull out wire baskets and shelves. It was a pain! To get to the back you had to drag everything out, otherwise you knocked it all over, and it really wasn't that big! Now we have a 60cm wide pantry, with U shaped shelves..and I love it. Yep, thats right, I am completely in love with my pantry! Sad!

Hmm, I didn't know stat had come down - now I have to decide whether to go Stat or Adel...or even Lidingo!