Tuesday, 29 July 2008

EDITED: when did ceiling fans get funky?

Not sure how effective the odd-sized blades are but how sculpturally cool is this? Def one you want to make a statement with! Sycamore $595

I didn't get this memo. I only discovered this while looking around for new ones for our place. I'm incredibly boring and not very rich so won't be going for any of these funkier options, but thought I'd share them cause who knew ceiling fans could be cool (as well as cooling)? All from Beacon Lighting

If the light fitting wasn't so weird looking, I'd get this clear-bladed one. Zephyr $199

Sail away! Avalon, $699

You really can't not see this one can you? Fijian, $269

Very industrial - reminds me of an aeroplane propellor! Industrie II, $295

On this topic, my hubby wants a Balinese-ish wooden fan with light for our living room but the more modern chrome with light for the other rooms. I don't want ANY really, but know we need them. He had a good point: I'm in winter mode so am forgetting how stifling hot it gets in our house in the warmer months. Still doesn't make me want to rush out and buy them though (except for the fact, we want to get them all installed and done before our builder comes back to rip out another wall).

The one we'll probably go with: Futura Lucci, $199

I'm all for mixing things up, but not convinced a different style fan in the living room that will probably draw attention to itself is something I want to do. Especially when we'll be getting a very modern kitchen and flash open-plan dining space that will open up the entire room with a few sleeker light fittings etc. Am worried a chunky wooden style fan will then look out of place. Any thoughts? Am all ears...

[EDIT] PS: Lovely Cstar from Hydrangea Blue just posted a guide to buying ceiling fans which is hugely helpful if you're looking to upgrade or install for the first time.

PPS: Yes I changed my banner again. Bear with my sad attempts at jazzing it up. Despite the fact I work amongst brilliant (and incredibly busy) designers I have no graphic design experience myself, no proper program at home and no real talent. So Renae if you're reading this, I'm still counting on you to make me look nice! If you ever get a spare second... x


Anonymous said...

I think if you stain the wooden blades black japan it would go perfectly, but I must admit I like the Futura Lucci. Zephyr is nice but I'd hate to dust them :P Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Courtney said...

Belinda - I think you have great style! whatever you choose will be great. I agree that the fewer styles you go with throughout, the better. ceiling fans are just one of those "necessary evils" in my book that you just have to make the best of...and hopefully they won't attract too much attention. Good luck!

cstar said...

Hi Belinda,
I used to work at Beacon, and learnt a lot about fans. I have just posted my own post about some tips and ideas on my blog! Hoping it might help!

The Beautiful Soup said...

Hi Belinda

I'm looking to get a ceiling fan and I remembered this post of yours!

Did you end up getting the futura fan? If so, do you love it and would you recommend it for a bedroom, which is mostly white. I'm worried that it may be too industrial looking, or noisy, but it's my favorite of the fans (which to be honest, can be quite hideous!).


Anonymous said...


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