Wednesday, 20 August 2008

love, love this picture

Soooo pretty. All photography by Hilary Walker

This picture inspired me to start a turquoise glass collection. Well, add to my teeny tiny one (I had a whole two to begin with). I haven't got too much further - turquoise glass in gorgeous shapes is hard to find I've discovered - but I did manage to pick up a pretty decanter a few weeks ago. I love everything about this pic - the sideboard, the ottoman, the art (by clever Queensland artist Narissa Butler) and of course the glass collection. In fact, this whole house (featured in Home Beautiful - shh, our competition!) earlier this year is rather lovely - makes me want to go all vintage again. Damn liking too many styles. Lucky I'm not rich - I'd be changing my entire house every month or so! A couple more pics from the series below, and another at Mini Meez along with some cool playrooms if you're interested.

These beautiful curtains were handmade by the owner out of vintage scarves. We did something similar in a feature in Real Living last year - gorgeous!

The owner's son's room. Turquoise obviously features throughout the home - I love how it's used in furniture too.

In other news, I went to Ikea today. Such a day out, isn't it? Spent close to four hours there (although in my defence, a large part of those four hours were spent feeding Layla. And myself!) It's no wonder Mr Ikea Man is the world's richest man: noone ever spends under $100 there. Everything is "just $6.95" or "What? $25 for a pendant ceiling light? I'll get two!" so you grab bits and pieces in the showroom, stock up on goodies in the marketplace, check out the bargain corner, and soon enough your bag is full, which means you have to buy an Ikea bag to courier your loot to the car. Then a few more dollars are spent in the Swedish supermarket cause you fell in love with the meatballs in the restaurant and you leave at least $100 poorer than you were when you arrived "just to have a look". Genius, really! So yes, I spent money there when I was meant to be looking at the kitchens. But it was all stuff I really, really needed, I swear!


Amelia Joan Rogers said...

Belinda, that is so funny. My husband and I took our 4 week old to Ikea a few weeks ago and had exactly the same experience and exactly the same conversation about how you can't get away spending less than $100!!

Here's the excerpt from my baby's blog:

"After that we went to a fun place called IKEA. I'll be in that ball pit as soon as I realise I have feet! This time I didn't see much, as I was asleep in the pram, but the Parents' Room was great. Dad took a photo of us there, so you can have a look. We got some cool lamps plus some other things that we didn't realise we needed until the nice people at IKEA told us so."

They are very good at what they do, but I never walk away with buyer's remorse!


Anonymous said...

Im the same at Ikea Im only allowed to go every 6 months :P I also have a turquoise glass collection. Ebay is full of it but Op shops tend to have alot too, especially the amber glass. Love the curtain Idea.

belinda graham said...

hi sarah - too cute!! I'm with you - no buyer's remorse from there!