Sunday, 17 August 2008

kitchen moodboard additions/alternatives

A few more things to um and ahh over

Well Canberra was fun - it's rather heaven having someone look after you for a few days. Thanks Mum and Dad! I also got some useful info regarding wooden benchtops from Dad who installed one in our old place. Unfortunately they need a fair bit of work - like an oil every three to six months to keep them in tip-top shape. But my mind is made up (for now!) and I think if I put a year's worth of Benchtop Maintenance Days in my diary, phone reminders, noticeboard and on my calendar I might actually do it! And you guys all seem to like the woody version too - thanks for voting! So here are some extra decor bits I'm considering. It might be IKEA overload but they're just so good! And so well-priced...

Lights (left to right)
I definitely think it'll be the white Basisk one I posted below, but until I see them in the flesh, I've got some backups: Kroby, $29; Ikea PS $79; and Foto, $29 all Ikea

Curtains (left to right)
I'm planning to have a nice big window - Steve wants French-style Cascade windows (that push out) - so I want something sheerish to emphasise instead of hide it. We get the sea breeze from here so it's sooo nice in summer. I'm thinking the Shell Capiz curtain will win out, but I do love the patterns and prints on the other two - Tulip Mist and Paisley Au Lait, $US22.99 each from Etsy seller Saffron Marigold. I might still get one style for the two windows in the living room.

Rugs (left to right)
Well my dream rug is a no go. Dad reckons it'll be too heavy to bring back and that also rules out shipping, so I'll prob go for one of these bargains: Sveje Rug, $19.95 and Alvine Rug, $12.95, both Ikea. I wish the Sveje rug was grey instead of black but I guess you can't have everything. Although, it's sooo cheap I could buy one, see if bleach does anything decent to it and then just get another one if it ruins it! They're like disposables! I love the colours in the Alvine rug and think they'll work beautifully with the room and pop on the dark floor. Again, it'll come down to seeing it in person.

Chairs (left to right)
Ugh, I'm annoyed at Steve for not liking my first choice! I have no idea now what I want. Bugger. I already have this silver chair (Replica Emeco US Navy Aluminium Chair, $148, Matt Blatt) at my desk so obviously like it! But I quite like the shape of the other (Nordmyra, $55, Ikea. Again.) and the birch would match the benchtops...

Now, for anyone who has a wooden Ikea benchtop - are you able to stain it to a colour of your choice? I like the birch, but wouldn't also mind a darker shade. Ahh, decisions, decisions!


kay* said...

i just created my first mood board (for the bathroom) and selected the same sveje rug as you did. i like your boards - it's nice to see what others create and how different rooms are translated.

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