Monday, 18 August 2008

not another kitchen post...

Warm wood and open shelves: perfect! Picture nicked from Holly's Haus Maus

A few more pics I'd found in my kitchen-inspiration travels and saved to my "kitchen" folder. In case you like to look at them too!

Open shelves are a bit of a theme! Picture from VT Wonen

Cute wallpapered splashback (behind clear glass!) If you could change it easily, great, but otherwise I think it'd date too quickly - '70s orange laminate benchtops anyone? Picture from Domino

Oh look! A tulip table under the window at the end of a galley kitchen! Aren't I original? Ha! I think is from Living Etc.

My plan is to have the open shelves asymmetrical on the wall like this one. Apologies, I'm not sure where this picture is from.

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