Monday, 25 August 2008

new signature prints collection

Birds of Paradise, $350 a roll

I get a weird proud feeling whenever I see a Florence Broadhurst wallpaper in a fabulous home - it's so nice to see Australian design coveted internationally. I'm also fascinated with her life and her horrible murder - sad but true. It must be my old "news nose" coming through - I can't escape being drawn to the dreary stories and needing to know more... Onto cheerier aspects of the talented Ms Broadhurst - Signature Prints has recently released eight new previously unreleased Broadhurst designs. According to their newsletter, this is "new" but I'm sure I've seen these around the web before. But just in case you haven't: the Glamour Collection is just that - a collection of glamourous patterns in shimmery metallics, classic colours and the trademark Florence flair. Here they are in shades of grey - my current fave colour. I also noticed Domino calls the browny greys "greige". Cute!

Romanesque, $350/10m roll

Brushed Trellis, $350/10m roll

Peacock Feathers, $380/10 roll

Paris, $350/10m roll

Cockatoos, $350/10m roll

Heraldic, $350/10m roll

Roman Soldiers, $380/10m roll

Something else to keep an eye out for: Florence Broadhurst handmade rugs by Cadrys will be released in November. Looking forward to seeing her patterns in another medium.


MissK said...

I remember watching that Sunday Arts show on ABC and there was a former employee of hers who approached The Powerhouse Museum with some old prints that were not yet released,this may be some of the unseen prints.

Bespoke Press said...

Ahh my all time favourite designer. ever.

I love the Peacock Feathers - gorgeous!!