Thursday, 28 August 2008

fine and dandididliandi (that's in Flanders' voice for non-Simpsons fans!)

"Dandigami" Lotus flower paper napkins. Download free instructions here

Even though I missed the Stitches and Craft show last week, I'm happy to say I didn't completely miss out on what I wanted to see: the Dandi stall. The lovely Caroline from Dandi contacted me to fill me in and show me what they got up to: demonstrating how to make this cute napkin origami - perfect for your next dinner party. The good news is, Dandi has a blog ( and has posted the instructions on it for anyone to download - for free!

So-pretty fabric mobiles to dress up your home. You can buy the kits to DIY

And even better news, is the gorgeous little project kits they were selling at the show will soon be available on their online store (but for now, if you want one, best to phone or email them). I really want the mobile (above) - it's very similar to what I was coveting in this DwellStudio picture (below) in one of my first posts on mini meez. Perfect for hanging over baby's cot or dressing up a corner of your living room.

One example of where to hang the mobile!

Also available for purchase is the treasure box (below). Aren't they great? Kits come with everything you need to make it - instructions, fabric etc, and cost $25 each.

The treasure boxes would make great bonbonnaire at weddings

Just another reason why I love this Aussie brand! And yet another thing from them to add to my great gifts list! Check out their blog for other great DIY ideas and pretty things.

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