Monday, 4 August 2008

eye candy: random collection of pics to cheer up your monday

I want, I need, I have to have this butterfly artwork: I wonder if I could re-create it myself? I think this pic was from Living Etc

Just some pretty pics today - I'm off to Sydney with the bubs for a baby get-together. I've been very busy putting together a bit of a moodboard for our new kitchen so have found some beautiful pics in my web travels. Enjoy!

What a gorgeous cosy alcove. Love this colour scheme - so serene. From VT Wonen

Love this mix and match of chairs and blackboard mood/noticeboard. From VT Wonen

Yet another cool chalkboard paint idea: get a piece of MDF cut into a shape and paint and hang! i wonder if the lace on the wall is wallpaper you can buy or is blown up from a picture? Such a statement wall - love it! From VT Wonen

Yet another from VT Wonen - they have such a way with colours...

Not sure where this is from but I love the mirrored wall between the windows and especially the carved wooden African stools - does anyone know if these are available in Australia? I've wanted one forever...

A little inspiration for my dining area... from Tine K Home

So sweet! From Taverne Agency

Cool shelves. From Taverne Agency

Have a great day and I'll try to be a better blogger this week!
PS: Self-promo here, but my colleague Natalie posted a little mini interview with me on her blog Daily Imprint last week. Well it was probably meant to be mini, but my answers are as usual long and waffley! You can read it here. But you should check her site out regularly anyway cause she has some great stuff!