Monday, 15 September 2008

outdoor spaces part 1: moroccan style

I'm completely in love with this Riad courtyard. The tiles, the lantern, the pool, the furniture, the mirrored wall - perfect! Can't fault it. Pic from The Good Life in Morocco

Ooooh it's been so lovely these past few days. And actually hot on occasions! So I've been dreaming of a gorgeous outdoor space to chill in. Am obsessed with Morocco at the moment, so thought I'd start with a few beautiful images - there's nothing quite like authentic Moroccan style, but I've also found a few spaces inspired by this region.

The other side of the courtyard (above). How incredible are those doors? Pic from The Good Life in Morocco

A very cool rusticy pergola is modernised with classic black and white. From My Marrakesh

We loved this deck so much we've shot it several times for Real Living. To get a Moroccan feel, lanterns and poufs are essential! Pic from December 2005 issue of Real Living magazine

Anyone can re-create this: curtains, cushions and a few glass lanterns. From Flickr

Not sure how Moroccan this is, but hey, it has a lantern. And it's pretty! From Domino

Go for grand designs in small spaces to make an impact. Pic from Domino

Tomorrow: shabby chic spaces. If I get the time! x


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