Monday, 22 September 2008

bye bye wall

Ta-ta office; ta-ta wall

I might be offline for a few days because the wall my office is on is to be no more! Unless I can manage to keep the modem plugged in and attempt to get wireless working. But considering the electricity and phone line is being ripped out of the wall as well at some stage, not sure how successful I'll be with that! I'm very much looking forward to this job as it means we can soon start the kitchen. But I am NOT looking forward to the yucky dust, mess and noise that will plague my house for the next few days. We're also getting the hallway reskinned because the previous owners of the house appeared to have used the walls to practice boxing or something and getting recessed shelves in another wall where the front door used to be.

A very, very old view of the room. The room will open up in line with the bathroom wall. This is the old bathroom. I miss it sooooooo much. Ok, I lie.

The not-so-great thing about this job is the fact I'll have to put my desk in my bedroom. I think eventually it'll fit ok once Layla is out, but until then, grr. So fingers crossed we'll all be able to breathe ok and that the noise will stop for nap times, cause life will be lots of fun with two overtired children! Back soon. x

PS: Yay for me! 10 followers. It's rather addictive logging on to see if anyone else joined! Oh the exciting life I lead.

PPS: I attended the Reed Gift Fair in Darling Harbour today. I was going to take some pics of the stalls for you to check out some pretty things but wasn't allowed. Sorry! It was a good day. Until Layla screamed all the way home and I nearly ran out of petrol. Good times.


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

WooHoo destruction and mayhem what fun. At least the move is only temporary and life will return to normal, but even better you'll soon have that spanking new kitchen. Good Luck.

FabulousTerrah said...

yay, exciting stuff! but hurry back, we'll miss you!