Friday, 5 September 2008

if i lived in germany...

Metal stool from Impressionen

then I'd be snapping up this pretty metal stool (above).
And this rug I've written about before.

Ohh my rug. It's only 29.95 euros. My weekly train trip to work cost more! From Impressionen

And probably both of these lanterns.

So, so beautiful. Have yet to see lanterns this pretty over here. Again, from Impressionen

But I don't live in Germany. And even though I'm only one degree of separation away from it (Dad is German), unless they have the amazing magical ability to fold up to T-shirt size to fit in my parents' suitcase while they're visiting later this month or can be mailed in an envelope, then they have to stay in the store for someone else to buy. Sob.
That's the problem with all this blogging and Net surfing. I get attached to things in other countries or fabulous bloggers introduce me to amazing shops and designers on the other side of the world (like Holly at Decor8) and all I can do is oggle online and curse those fabulous bloggers for making me pine. My biggest annoyance is Anthropologie. Please come to Australia. Or at least add us to your international shipping. We love you. And if I thought an online campaign and petition would get you here to set up shop here, I'd start one.
I know there are mail-forwarders who will let you use their address for shipping within the country and then they mail it out to you. But all the things I want is usually bulky furniture and homewares. Still, if you're interested in these clever halfway mailing houses: try and I think these guys belong in the "why didn't I think of that" category!

There is one upside though to the you-can-look-but-not-buy situation: the inspiration to be had from these stores. Most online shops will have their products shot beautifully and it's so nice to sneak a peek at other cultures and styles. I'll do some searching this weekend and show you what I mean Monday. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I have been using to buy goods in the US. They actually have significantly lower shipping rates than mailnetwork and usabox. They also have much better technology. If you are looking for a US address to buy American products, I would highly recommend them.

Anonymous said...

I agree they are all clever ideas.

I tried BongoUSA months ago and the service was not very good. I switched to 3 months ago and it is really, really great.

I have gotten so many cool things not available in my town and I save about 30%.

kay* said...

oh those lanterns and that stool or absolutely gorgeous. *sigh*