Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Gwyneth's a goop. Possibly, because I'm not sure what goop means, but it sounds like it'd be an adjective

Gwyneth Paltrow's new website - Goop

Before I do pull the laptop plug... what do we think of Gwyneth Paltrow branching out and joining us on the world wide web? She's set up a lifestyle website featuring yet-to-be-filled categories such as "Make" "Do" "Get" "Be"... Apparently she'll be sharing snippets of all aspects of her life including lessons learnt, recipes, places to see and stay while travelling. Poor thing has been bagged online already with many wondering why we care what celebrities make, do, get and be, but to be fair, it's no different to her setting up a blog, is it? I'm a nobody and yet a lot of people read me, so why not read a somebody? I will - love Gwynnie and if she parts with any of her interior design wisdom she gained while decorating her Hampton's home, then I'll be happy. Not sure how "Martha" she'll be in terms of DIYing around the home outside the kitchen, but I'm curious to see where this will go! You can see for yourself what's she up to and sign up for a newsletter here


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea on her part (or her publicists??), seriously...we're all human in one form or another and as she states "I love to cook" - that's fantastic. Food, friends, eating and drinking together - what a passion to share.

Thanks for sharing this website find this morning, I've signed up for the newsletter already. Now I'll watch my Inbox.


Steph Bond said...

Might have something to do with her Spain... on the Road Again TV series with Mario Batali?

Kate @ The Zeitgeists said...

I was going to post about this too! I don't want to be in the 'bagging' group but firstly what is with Goop? I don't think the word encompasses the scope of what she wants to do very well. (If I get what it is that she actually wants to do!) I'd prefer something a little more transparent like Gwyneth Home...

Also when I think home and lifestyle, the last celebrity I think of is Gwyneth! Perhaps I think of her when I think about unusual baby names, music and fashion (shoes) but not home and cooking.

Finally a part of me think it's all a bit of a fa├žade, I mean is it really her decorating her home? Wouldn't it be some stylists she hired to do it?!

Courtney said...

I agree with you, Belinda! I just signed up for Gwyneth's newsletter - whatever it's about. She's a style maven in my book. have ya SEEN her house? oh my word. I refuse to believe it's a reflection of her stylist...it's fresh and unique, and while I can't remember if the most recent article I read mentioned a designer or not, Gwyneth seems quite confident and assured of her style in every aspect of her life - so I can't imagine her becoming a "yes man" to some interior designer. I'm with you - people read my blog, consider me an "expert", and I'm really a "nobody". Gwyneth has shown herself to be quite the creative type, and has been proven successful in other areas - I'm hoping she'll be successful in this one too. Sometimes it's not just an ego trip - sometimes it's a creative person who actually has the resources to do something big - wouldn't we all want to, if we had her kind of money? Just think - she doesn't have to be afraid of the financial ramifications of failure!

Whew. Sorry. I didn't realize I had this many opinions on the subject. Sorry for the super-long comment. But I feel Gwyneth is one of those rare people in Hollywood - someone who is truly intelligent, talented, and has her head screwed on straight. Rare.