Friday, 5 September 2008

eye candy: trine thorsen's fab photography

My love for white rooms grows with each pretty picture I see.

First up, let me apologise for previously referring to Trine as a possible"him". She is most definitely a HER and a talented one at that. She's just launched her new website and it's filled with lots of her gorgeous images from everything from interiors to fashion to food. I thought I'd show you a few snaps here, but make sure you head over to have a virtual wander about.

Now this is a bathroom

Another white room. With a CHILD! Who said they can't go together?

All homes should have ceilings and windows this high

This reminds me of brilliant and beautifully-shot Aussie movie Picnic at Hanging Rock

Oh look! Another white room. Wonder if I could put my antlers on the wall like this. Love it but not sure how to attach...

Aren't they beautiful? I'm sure you'll agree that while the styling is superb, it's the perfectly glowy light that Trine manages to capture and the angles she shoots from that make the subject matter even more beautiful.

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