Tuesday, 23 September 2008

loving... attia

My two fave Attia products: statement worthy in their simplistic style. Picture courtesy Attia

A flip through a recent issue of Real Living I noticed that everything I put in my if-I-had-spare-money-lying-around-I'd-so-buy-this cart was from a label called Attia. Never heard of it before, but boy, did they have some beautiful things: wool and linen cushions, skin cushions, beaded storage baskets, matte-black ceramic tea cup with wooden saucers... lovely!

Hand-beaded storage basket, $US99.95, Attia

Then a few more pages in, I found out it's owned by Rachel Brown - one of our freelance interior stylists, which explained it all. Attia is her baby - a collection of homewares that fits into Rachel's "stylist pre-requisites", namely through its main focus of form, texture and colour. The website is coming soon, but if you can't wait, Rachel also has an Etsy store selling a sample of the range, some of which is pictured here. See what I mean about beautiful?

Black ceramic cup with handmade wooden saucer, $US44, Attia

In case you're wondering, I have a half-naked hallway (the walls have been ripped off halfway up) but my office wall is still standing, hence the post. It goes tomorrow so I have to unplug the laptop now. Oh gosh, separation anxiety already!

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