Friday, 19 September 2008

letterpressed calling cards

Business cards for the kiddies! Picture from Bespoke Press

I've always loved the look of letterpressed stationery - there's an old-world feel about receiving an invitation or card with etched patterns. And since my dealings with the lovely Alischa from Bespoke Press, I know why. It's a long, archaic process involving an antique printing press machine from 1893 to make something so beautiful and makes me appreciate the workmanship that goes into it even more. A few weeks ago Alisha graciously offered to make me some mummy calling cards after I blogged about the trend at Mini Meez. She sent me a few designs and I picked my fave, changed a few colours around and the result is above: beautiful and bright calling cards to exchange with potential playmates (for the kids) and their parents (for me). I received them on Wednesday and already used one on Thursday with a new mum we asked to join our mother's group (such the exclusive club it is!!!) Makes a simple and stylish way to give someone your phone number without having to dig through a car-sized bag filled with all sorts of, well, crap, with one arm with a baby on your hip and a toddler hanging off your leg to try and find a pen. Let alone something to write on.

How they arrived. I felt bad ripping the paper! Image from Bespoke Press

I just wanted to thank Alisha so much for my beautiful cards - and want to send you all over to her blog where you can not only see for yourself the step-by-step process of making my cards, but witness her own home renovation, and website to drool over gorgeous wedding packages (invites, menus, table cards) and invitations she's created for clients. The full website will launch soon, but if you're getting married, having a baby or just want to celebrate something in style, Alisha is your girl for gorgeously unique stationery. And too-pretty-to-unwrap packaging!

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