Thursday, 28 February 2008

virtual moodboard

A bit late in the month, but just thought I'd share a few of my fave pics from this month's issue (be quick if you haven't bought already - the next one is on sale Monday). Excuse the dodgy quality, but am sure you get the idea...

This has been around the Net a lot and you can see why - so simple but so effective. It's the cheapest kind of wallpaper for magazine addicts. For more wallpaper alternatives, check this out

Love the old-painted concrete wall showing through in this home. Sometimes we should just let old be and not try to modernise it at all. Brings some real character and there's no need for expensive art!

Cute cheap artwork made with cardboard. Could also work painting a few mini canvases with some sample pots of metallic or pearl paint. Is there anything you can't do with those canvases?

I really wanted this tree in Zak's room but just aren't clever enough to recreate it or rich enough to afford the artist!

If the wood panel that swathed all our walls looked like this, I'd have considered keeping it. But it didn't... You can find out how to gild your own frames here
Want more pretty pics? Have you checked out our free, downloadable 2008 calendar yet? There's an inspiring picture for each month plus the all-important on-sale date of the mag. You can download it here, print it out and throw it up on your moodboard, pinboard, wall for a stylish way to keep track of your life.

2008 real living calendar - it's FREE!
All images above from the March 08 issue of real living magazine and website


Anonymous said...

I thought that tree would go great in Zaka room. I'm sure you're talented enough to recreate it. The large flat white coffee table is enormous and I TOTALLY adore it.

belinda graham said...

Me too! I'm not sure what is nicer - that or the round one I found the other day (latest post).

Nicky said...

The calendar doesnt work for me?

belinda graham said...

Doh! It's not working for me either. am having some problems with site this month for some reason - will call the experts tomorrow for help on that too!
Thanks for letting me know.

hwen said...

Hi.. does anyone still have document about realliving 2008 free calendar, if anyone does, please send me by email to
I really need it, thanks so much...