Tuesday, 19 February 2008

steal their style: storage step-up stool

Can't you just see little Apple and Moses standing here practising their scowls for the paparazzi?

Still on the celeb obsession: I fell in love with this cute little step-up stool in Gwyneth Paltrow's bathroom (above) and daughter Apple's room (below) from her Hampton's home.

Apple needs a little help into her huge bed.

I hadn't seen quite so stylish in Australia that not only was void of any kid's show character, but made of wood and with storage, until today! I was all set to buy and then paint the Ikea step stool for my rapidly growing baby boy who has started to brush his teeth beautifully but can't see the mirror, but then the Ezibuy catalogue arrived in my mailbox and I found this while flicking through it.

Kids Step-up Stool, $39.95, Ezibuy
Too cute - the top step is hinged and has a secret storage compartment underneath and the handles make it easy to move from room to room. And because it's painted MDF, you could also repaint it a colour of your choice.

Ahh, star style for less than $40 - gotta love that! Get it here.
And if anyone has ever seen anything like the mirror in Gwynnie's bathroom on Australian shores (or that actually ships to Australia), please let me know! I'm afraid we have a shortage of cool mirrors and rugs here - two things I'm forever searching for...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I got my ezibuy catalogue and I noticed the stool too. I don't have kids so no real need for it yet :)

belinda graham said...

It'll happen. Took me two and a half years... I wonder what is giving this generation such trouble falling pregnant. I honestly believe it's the pill, but unfort don't have any kind of medical or scientific bone in my body to even start to prove that claim! I know too many people who struggled and age had nothing to do with it...