Monday, 25 February 2008

is giraffe print the next big thing?

In case you haven't noticed, zebra print is having a moment. From rugs to cushions to fashion, the famous, fabulous print has, is or will adorn almost anything. But just like the new black - what hasn't been the new black? - zebra must hang up its King of the Homewares crown eventually. It was handed it by the leopard a few years ago, so what's next? My guess is giraffe. Well I'm hoping so anyway, cause it's my newest crush and I've already made a few purchases, with a few more on my wishlist. The one common theme here is that they're all baby-related. Hmm, maybe it's the children's version of zebra and leopard? Or maybe it's our way of getting our kids into decor trends and fashion while they're young - after all, giraffes roam freely in great numbers in children's rooms and toyboxes, so it's a good one to start on!

GOT IT! I bought a few yards of this to make a bean bag out of for Zak's room. $US7.95/yard,

GOT IT! Ok, it's not a print, but how cute is this cushion? It's actually really big too - 50cm high. Dwell Baby giraffe cushion, $59.95, Bebe

WANT IT: I already have a baby bag - I did get it as a gift, so I could almost justify getting another one... Love this one: Giraffe Print Messenger Bag, $169, Oi Oi

WANT IT: Baby legwarmers to keep little legs warm in winter, socks on and nappy changetime less of a wrestling match. Babylegs, $17.95, Babys Got Style

So, what do you think will take zebra-print's place as "print of the moment"?


Anonymous said...

giraffe has exploded all over the baby domain over the last year... I should know, my godson Tennyson (7mths) has almost every piece :)

btw i love the "At home with..." on the RL website. I adore Deb's desk. hopefully it will remain a feature... maybe even extend to readers :)

belinda graham said...

Hey Dani - yep, will continue each month. Next month (issue is out next Monday) will feature our deputy art director, Renae. Will also be doing reader rooms and makeovers, so if you have anything or know of someone who has an awesome space, let me know!

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.