Monday, 25 February 2008

mini chair makeover


Told you it was mini! I found this in a second-hand shop near my home for about $15. It was sold as "shabby chic kids chair" but personally I think it was "street chic" and found on the side of the road, aged appropriately.


Still, it was sweet and even though I didn't mind its distressed state, the paint was starting to splinter which isn't great for baby bottoms. So i gave it a bit of a sand and painted it in this very vibrant blue shade of British Paints Ocean Grove. Cute. And NOT white (my usual first choice).


Anonymous said...

Sweet, i love that its one of my fave blues :)

dani_luigi said...

That is so cute. Love the blue.

belinda graham said...

Thanks - it is a pretty colour. I prob would have left it as it though had it not been for the splinters! Just trying to avoid a nasty moment...