Sunday, 17 February 2008

celeb homes

I sometimes wish real living showed off celebrity homes, but apparently our readers aren't interested, so I have to get my hit elsewhere! Now I can understand they want real homes (hence the title of the mag and all) but I also love the fact I can get inspiring ideas from people who can afford famous interior decorators to do their work for them for whatever the cost. Or just have a perve at their decor, ooh over some great find or laugh at their excess (such as Mariah Carey). What's even better is seeing something you own yourself - or similar - like Sarah Jessica Parker who has pretty much Ikea-ised her entire Hamptons holiday home.

The good: Jennifer Aniston's gorg rented Malibu beachhouse.

The not so good: Mariah Carey's New York home. A little OTT for my taste. From TFS

The "she's just like us": Sarah Jessica Parker's Hampton's home - straight from the shelves of Ikea! From TFS

The covetable: Kate Hudson's bathroom. It's bigger than most people's living rooms! From TFS

If you've wondered where to go to peek inside their private worlds or keep up with their real estate portfolios, here are a few places to go...
The fashion spot - yes it's all about celeb style, but also their home style. Enter Madonna, Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford or Mariah's homes to name just a few.
Realestalker - a blog of celebrity real estate: who's selling/buying, where and why. Also usually features pics and floorplans of the homes on the market. - a photo agency that gives visitors a sample of their celeb interiors. At the moment, popular interior designer Kelly Wearstler's place is featured but check back regularly as they change them.
Big Time Listings - another real estate blog with pics and prices!
Casa Sugar - Usually just a recap from other sites, but occasionally new info, plus great home decor inspiration.

Anyone know of any other great celeb home sites?



Kate said...

As you've mentioned, Real Living should definitely feature more out of this world Celebrity Homes for readers to drool on, to make it 'real living' they could show ways to get the look for less, make the look more practical or by adapting it to smaller spaces etc. etc.... thanks so much for those blog links though. Have added them to my favourites.

Kate said...

I was going to say exactly the same thing as Kate!

belinda graham said...

Ahhh great NAMES think alike (my sister in law is also Kate!)

Kate said...

It could almost look like it's me replying to my own post!!