Wednesday, 13 February 2008

3 cool ideas

Sincerest apologies for lack of posts - I have excuses: was visiting parents in Canberra last week, have two sick boys at home (one big, one small), have a whole heap of work to do, and no camera. Still. Which timewarps me back a couple of years when good old fashioned cameras had film and you had to wait days to see whether your shot was in focus, people's eyes were open and that you didn't look like a total spaz!

So in the meantime, while I get my act together, enjoy these three cool ideas I found in my travels.

Pretty paper pom poms
Such a nice change from balloons and Chinese lanterns. These are made from tissue paper and are sooo simple. Smaller ones look a little like hydraengeas. I made smaller, half-sphere versions of these and stuck them on the wall next to a "happy birthday" sign made of small wooden craft letters for my husband's birthday party dinner decoration on Monday. I would show you but.... no camera.... You can find out how to make them here

Three cheers for Martha's genius!

Super-duper Scrabble
I can't remember where I found this pic - I just copied into my "moodboard" file, so if anyone recognises it, let me know! Apparently, you can buy these cool wooden super-sized scrabble pieces like this, but I think you could also make your own with small canvases from two-dollar shops. Simply paint or stencil a letter onto each one and make your own crossword or scrabble with inspiring words or get all descriptive: if it's a child's room, think of say five words that best describe your child and try and make a crossword out of them. Too cute, really!

Super scrabble!

Simple storage
Again, not sure where this is from - I think it's Martha Stewart. It seems very Martha doesn't it? But if you can't bear to part with any of your child's artworks and have no idea what to do with them all, simply roll them up and put them in poster packs with labels on the outside. It sure beats yet another shoe box...

A new use for poster packs

And finally, check out these too-cute aprons fellow blogger Danielle has created out of simple tea towels. Make great gifts for any kiddy who loves to help mummy in the kitchen (by helping I mean licking the bowl!). You can buy them here for just $14.95.

Messy by Mezza Fudge Brownies handmade apron, $14.95, eBay



Anonymous said...

Dear Belinda - I love your blog! Just discovered it! I'm about to do a bathroom reno on our tiny bathroom (for 5 people)! I love the bath you have chosen and have taken note of your comment about the screen. What bath did you get, is it one of the Mayfair ones?? Best wishes, Jenny

my poppet said...

Gotta love Martha, Might use these pom poms in my shop window- what a traffic stopper!

belinda graham said...

Hi Jenny - thanks! The bath is actually from Bunnings of all places - the receipt is abbreviated but if it helps, it says "MTREND concept acrylic bath" 1675x750x420mm and it cost $169.
Good luck with your renovation - it'll be worth it! B

belinda graham said...

Oh dear My Poppet - I'm almost cursing you for posting. I checked out your blogs and now I'm torn with whether I'm thrilled you're in Victoria or annoyed: I can't pop in and spend up big, but that's also a good thing! Might have to take advantage of your very cool poppet by mail - what a clever idea! Bx

Nicky said...

I really love the scrabble letters! All I need is a baby!

belinda graham said...

Hey Nicky - baby not essential!! Would be perfect on a lounge room wall instead of the usual canvas/photo wall me thinks!