Saturday, 23 February 2008

house exterior - getting there!

The deck is looking a little more welcoming - the chair I got for Chrissy has had a few lashings of white paint. I think one more is in order though... i missed a few spots!

We're almost done! Well the front anyway... our builder started on the rest of the house the other day and it's a fairly big job so the backs and sides will be a while still. But the front is getting there - yippee! Just need to fix up the windows, gutter it (and cover that nasty maroon in the process) and then stain the deck. Much nicer to look at when you come through the gate now! For those who care: the wall colour is Dulux Smokey Gum, the dark brown on the posts - and also our living room feature wall - is Dulux Cafe Noir, and the white is just untinted white for the brightest of bright whites!

The two colours are a lot closer than I thought they would be, but that's fine. I still like them!

The doors will be chocolate brown (and the lovely messy interior edges cleaned up)

Have a few more projects in the works, so will keep you posted in comings days on Zak's room and a mini chair makeover (literally).
Have a good weekend


jen said...

love your blog & i love, love real living. my husband is australian and i found the magazine the last time we were in australia. now i have an overseas subscription. just the best.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i think you have a great blog...found it via annechovie. great job on your house!

Kate said...

The house is looking great - and I adore that chair! Do you mind me asking where it is from?

belinda graham said...

thanks guys - lovely to hear from you!! Kate, the chair is a bargain (when it comes to these kinds of chairs!) They can cost up to $1000 for some reason, but a New Zealander has designed them in flat-pack form so you just put it together (instructions are really easy too - pictures for each step!) and paint or stain it yourself. A bit fiddly but I think worth it when it costs $195 including delivery! You can order online here:

Anonymous said...

I think the wall colours are nice and subtle, contrasting to the brightness of the white :) Thanks for sharing the pics... I love steaky beaking.

dani_luigi said...

I really love the colours. It would be nice on the inside of the house too, maybe in the kitchen with red cabinets.