Thursday, 21 February 2008

inspirational store windows

I have one word for this Anthropologie store window in the States: stunning. From Platinum Blonde Life

Window displays seem a forgotten art nowadays. Aside from DJs and occasionally Myer in the city, how often do you get the urge to stop and stare into a window and wish you could transport it all back to your place - or wardrobe? I found this gorgeous image of US store Anthropologie's window display on my Net travels and thought it so clever, I wondered what their other store windows were like. Turns out, they're all brilliant. And they have a huge fanbase (yes, of window displays as well as the actual store) in the cyber world that people often post them on blogs or Flickr as great sources of inspiration. And I can see why. Here are a few of the best - there are ideas aplenty to steal for your own home.

All craft rooms should look this good. I love how the pieces of plywood or tiles the pictures are tacked too is piecey in itself. Makes a feature of the actual board, let alone once it's turned into a moodboard! From Flickr

How gorgeous do these ribbons look hanging from the ceiling? Would be a beautiful option in front of a window you want to screen for privacy but not block the light. From Platinum Blonde Life

Not so practical (a floating sofa! Maybe once we start to lose gravity...) but pretty nonetheless. From Craving Anthropologie

Too-cute birdhouses on hanging branches. I can see this in a cool kid's room. From La Vie En Rose

A new party decoration: strung-together patty cases. From Happy Mundane

I'd love to meet the person who came up with these ideas. In fact, I wish I could steal some of their creative brain - they make you look whether you love them or hate them and that's what the store is after I guess. I say it's time to bring back beautiful window displays here too. Does anyone know of any brilliant Aussie store window displays they can't pass without stopping to look at? Jigsaw has got me a couple of times and I always press my nose against DJs at Christmas with the million other people doing so, but unfortunately, that's about it!


Liza Hirst said...

These windows and ideas are fantastic! I agree with everything you said about them - must be a very, very creative mind behind these designs. Thanks so much for a great inspiration - and for leaving a comment on my work over at Annechovie's! I'm very pleased to have found your blog through that.

belinda graham said...

They are brilliant, aren't they? Although with your art, you also must have a very creative mind! Nice to hear from you x