Friday, 15 February 2008

cheat's version of plantation shutters

I looooooove plantation shutters and wish I was a millionaire so I could furnish all 13 windows and doors in my house with them (maybe a slight exaggeration on the millionaire front, but they are expensive). But I'm not one and probably never will be, so I have to cheat.
We did have good old Roman blinds in this room until my husband tripped over the rug and crashed through the window - very dramatic, scary two seconds until I heard the baby laugh (!) and Steve say "I'm ok".
So after the blind was ripped to shreads by the shattered glass, I took advantage of the situation and figured I'd find something a little nicer to replace it with. Enter Freedom's Eco Shutter Blinds - a white eco-friendly fake wood venetian blind that's a little wider than normal to give a better blockout and that plantation shutter look.

The Freedom Eco Shutters in Zak's room - from $49.95

You can hardly tell from the outside they're not the real thing and they dress up the room. Seeing as they were on special at the time we bought them, we stocked up for most of our windows and I'm thrilled with the result. Just thought I'd share - they're also a bit of a nicer option if you're after normal venetians - the thicker "wood" slats just give it a bit more of a quality look over the usual aluminium!


Danimezza said...

we have them in the house were renting at the moment and I love them. Zac should be pleased he has a very posh room :)

belinda graham said...

haha i don't know about posh! But stay tuned to some changes to Zak's room. x

Kate said...

They look lovely! We just purchased our first house (yay) and the urge to decorate it is crazy. Unfortunately people are renting it until June so I can’t touch anything till then. I love plantation shutters but I took a few years off my boyfriend’s life when he saw how much it would cost to install them in our house – this is an excellent alternative.