Friday, 22 February 2008

another great store window

How much fun is blogging? You get to visit the world's of all different people with the click of a button. One blogger from Florida, Annechovie, left me a message, I popped onto her site and guess what I saw? Another wonderful store window - this time from Hermes - and a peek into her creative life.

Hermes store window in Boston, by Annechovie

How bright and resourceful is this: A lamp and mini dresser made entirely out of the famous Hermes boxes. Knowing how many people these boxes appeal to (I'm sure there are people who buy the cheapest Hermes thing just so they score one - like Tiffany's!), it's a surefire way to grab passers-by attention. Or if the actual recycling genius donesn't stop them, the brightness of the orange certainly will!
And back to Annechovie for a sec: I love her prints - available here at etsy - such as this pretty Louis chair. They're good way to get a little Louis into your life even if you can't afford the real thing and would look superb propped on top of a shelf or on the wall.

Ikat chair print, $US20, Anne Harwell at Etsy

I'm just discovering the wonderful world of Etsy (I'm a bit slow cottoning onto trends) but I'm starting to find it's my first visit if I'm looking for something nowadays. I wonder if eBay is feeling the competition?!



annechovie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely post! I will post a mention on my blog. Have a GREAT weekend, Belinda!

Danimezza said...

Etsy Rocks oxox

Kate said...

If Hermes can't do it right, who can? :P

Etsy is excellent, I have not got anything from there (yet!) but love almost everything on there.